Mark Cuban

Invests in JungleCent

22 Oct, 2010

JungleCentsCuban invests in the gift card affiliate startup JungleCents. No amount is officially reported, but it is assumed that the seed funding amounts to approximately $1.5 million dollars, and that he is the sole funder. Cuban says

Curating and matching deals is both art form and science. It’s not easy to procure deals from major brands and it’s no easier to match those deals to editorial. I don’t see deal curation ever becoming a core competency for high volume sites. Its a very specific skill set and the companies offering the deals don’t want to deal with every media site.

Company co-founder Sameer Mehta says about Cuban’s involvement:

Aside from his advice, where he chimes in on the focus and direction of the company, his name does help because we are a sales-focused company, so it’s easier to get a foot in the door with brands to pitch our products and services.

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