Mark Cuban

Sued by prankster

13 Jun, 2014

Cuban is sued for $15 million in a lawsuit apparently filed by Jonathan Lee Riches, an inmate suspected of filing a similar bogus suit against footballer Johnny Manziel. The plaintiff claims to be Lisa Lazzari, sister of Shark Tank entrepreneur and Simple Sugars bodycare company owner Lani Lazzari. She says she has been harassed by Cuban and offered Dallas Mavericks tickets in exchange for sex.

Cuban visited the Simple Sugars store and “told me I look hot and I told him I’m a lesbian. Cuban told me to perform oral sex on him in the bathroom and if I don’t Cuban will quit his investment in Simple Sugars…Cuban told me if I give him an [HJ], he will give me season tickets in a suite at the Dallas Mavericks. I told Cuban NO, that I’m a lesbian

According to Cuban:

In our system we have to take the good and the bad. Anyone can file a lawsuit. As a result, we have to deal with people like this and the lawyers at the SEC. Both take advantage of the many grey areas in the law.

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