Mark Frauenfelder

SigGraph Maker Night

17 Jun, 2008

Mahalo’s Lon Harris meets Univac, a maker who has hacked a Teletubbie to display graphics on a screen when he touches it, Brett Doar, who made the Bronco table, a piece of ‘feral furniture’ that bucks when people try to place things on it in order to make life difficult, and interviews Frauenfelder about becoming involved in the maker community. He talks about how makers have learned to make hard-to-source parts for old cars by casting them from aluminum from melted beer cans, and how the internet has sped up the evolution of the community. Frauenfelder:

Do-it-yourself communities, special interest communities, people who are into doing something…These communities of interest really propel each other and evolve, and are making things so much faster since the internet

Maker Night feat. Mark Frauenfelder

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