Mark FrauenfelderInterview

TIME interview

18 Jun, 2010

Frauenfelder talks about the do-it-yourself movement, and how people need to take time out from busy everyday routines to concentrate on simple things:

It’s really hard to do, you have to steal it [time] here and there from your life. I try to set aside a little bit of time each day to do something that allows me to slow down and just concentrate fully on a task. And it’s really a good thing to do, because when I’m sitting in front of my computer I’m multitasking — I have 17 windows open and website tabs and e-mails and blog posts, and it’s all going on at once, just a swirl. And if I take a break and go outside and put on my bee suit and check out my bees, it’s such a great experience. I’m not thinking about anything else except those bees. I’m really present in the moment.

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