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24 Jun, 2014

Marlon Wayans interview


Williams interviews Marlon Wayans and questions him on fatherhood, comedy and his new TV show Funniest Wins.

Yeah I created this show. I created most of my stuff cause you know well thats just how my brother Keenen kinda raised us. You know you got to create cause otherwise as a black man, you will be waiting for Hollywood for a long time for that phone to ring. So I created the show, its called Funniest Wins.

Marlon Wayans on Fatherhood & Comedy

17 Apr, 2014

Marlon Wayans interview


Wayans appears on Conan to promote his comedy competition show Funniest Wins. He also talks about how different black people and white people age, his crush on Ronda Rousey and his fantasy of being subdued by her.

That’s just sexy, ain’t it? Look how aggressive she is. There’s something just about a woman that can you kick your behind. There’s just something sexy about it. I want Laila Ali to just punch me in the face. I want her to just take me…cause she does this move… an armbar.

Marlon Wayans Wants Ronda Rousey To Dominate Him

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