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25 Nov, 2014

Conscious Coupling pie

conscious couplingCelebrity chef and crafter, Stewart publishes a Conscious Coupling pie recipe in her November issue of Martha Stewart Living, mocking Paltrow’s conscious uncoupling with ex husband Chris Martin. ETonline bakers:

Ultimately the pie tasted delicious, but the phyllo dough that made such a pretty presentation was a crumbly nightmare to serve.

Jailbird cake

conscious couplingActress and Goop Magazine owner, Paltrow responds to Stewart’s Conscious Coupling recipe with her own recipe targeted to Stewart called Jailbird Cake. ETOnline baker:

Jailbird Cake was maybe one of the easiest things I’ve ever not baked. All you have to do is whip some cream, buy some chocolate wafers and assemble. I did, however, notice that the recipe on the back of the Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers was the exact same as Goop’s. This disappointed me and I had to make a conscious decision to uncouple from that fact.

7 Oct, 2014

Responds to Martha Stewart

Paltrow responds to Stewart’s comments that she should concentrate more on acting and less on her lifestyle brand GOOP at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Dana Point, California.

I’m so psyched that she sees us as competition. I think that when anybody criticizes anyone, it really is revealing more about where they are in time and space as opposed to where you are in time and space. … Sometimes I learn good things from criticism.

22 Mar, 2004

People cover

Magazine Cover

stewartStewart appears on the cover of People after she was convicted of four felony charges. Stewart was ordered by a judge to spend 10-16 months in prison. Her lawyer, Morvillo:

We failed you, and I’m sorry. It’s been pure torture for the last two years.

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