Herman SanchezMaximInterview

Maxim Interview

10 Sep, 2014

Sanchez talks about doing voiceovers for Midway’s new video games:

There was a actually consideration of a different voice entirely. We went through some trials with other voiceover artists because of the DC association and the potential rebranding of the series and I was open to it; I’d had my time at the mantle. Ultimately, everyone decided it was a better idea to stick with the tried and true version. It just didn’t feel like Mortal Kombat without my voice on it, I was told. We actually had a couple of female voices doing the same narration and emphasis over the fight scenes that I was going to be doing. It just didn’t quite work out. So, they yanked me back in and I did the traditional work, except now with Superman and Batman instead of just MK characters.

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