Demetri MartinMaximInterview

Maxim Interview

31 Jul, 2013

Martin talks about how he got the role of Louis in the movie In A World…:

I’ve known Lake a little bit over the years. I probably met her six or seven years ago at a comedy party in L.A. or New York, but it tends to be a small world, when you meet this friend and they were in a movie with that friend or did a sketch thing or something, so she was in my orbit of friends. And I guess it was last summer that I got the script, and my agent said, Hey, Lake Bell’s making this movie and you might be right for this part here, and I read it and said, Yeah this would be great. And it was cool, it worked out, and it was like a 20-day shoot. And I’ve been in L.A. for a bit now so it wasn’t too far from where I was living.

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