Maximize your earnings

You can maximize your earnings using the following strategies:

  • Write posts about popular news topics: Writing posts about today’s news is exciting and fun, but there’s a lot of competition. While the page views might be very high for a while, giving you quick earnings, they may only last a short time. And, if your post is late or in poor condition, then someone else will get their post approved first and you’ll have missed your chance.
  • Start a discussion: Posts that generate more discussions generate more page views, and keep people on the site longer.
  • Build up newslines: Most Newsline writers like to work on topics they are interested in, or want to learn about. Fans of a band may want to build up a complete timeline of their activities. Some celebrity newslines are highly competitive, but many others are untapped. Find one you can make your own, or share with few people, and you will get a higher proportion of the earnings for that newsline.
  • Add posts of a particular event type: by concentrating on one event type, you may find it faster to generate more content on more newslines. For example, you could add all the performances of a band, or all the works of an artist, add only Births, or certain kinds of awards.
  • Edit many posts: Editing has many advantages: This can be a fast way to earn a lot of credits. You don’t have to think up, or go find, news events or new Newlines, you can do it any time, and you can improve your understanding of the site. Editors will receive steady ongoing earnings on all the posts they edit.
  • Build a network and earn from every contributor in your downline (level 1), and from the contributors they introduce (level 2), and from the contributors they introduce (level 3). So, if you introduce ten contributors, who each introduce ten contributors, who in turn introduce ten contributors each, you could be earning from [10 + (10 x 10) + (10 x 10 x 10)] = 1110 contributors, every day, into the future.
You do not need to write or edit to invite friends. Simply register and send invites from your profile.

Whatever strategy you choose, your potential to earn increases the more posts you make. Post often for best results.