• A court-appointed prison social worker says Pistorius’ punishment for culpable homicide should include three years of house arrest. The recommendation was given at the sentencing hearing. Also speaking at the […]

  • Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins says Hernandez is a model inmate. If the good behavior continues Hernandez will be given TV privileges so he can watch his team’s games. Since being moved to a Boston jail, […]

  • The first official report on the disappearance of MH370 is released by the Australian Transportation Safety Board (ATSB). The report concludes concludes that the Boeing 777’s right-hand engine was likely to have […]

  • After taking legal advice, the widow of Paul Weeks, who was a passenger on the flight, rejects Malaysia Airlines compensation offer of $64,000. She tells Perth Now that the offer had a condition that she complete […]

  • Judge E. Susan Garsh denies the defense’s claim that Hernandez’s cell phone was given to Massachusetts State Police under “false claim of legal authority,” and she allows the prosecutors to include the recorded […]

  • At an event in San Francisco, the company announces the latest version of its Windows’ operating system: Windows 10.  A Windows 9 version is not being released. The Windows Insider Program will launch October 1, […]

  • At an event in San Francisco, the company announces the latest version of its Windows’ operating system: Windows 10.  A Windows 9 version is not being released. The Windows Insider Program will launch October 1, […]

  • At an event in San Francisco, the company announces the latest version of its Windows’ operating system: Windows 10.  A Windows 9 version is not being released. The Windows Insider Program will launch October 1, […]

  • The GO Phoenix arrives in the southern Indian Ocean and starts its search for the missing flight. The ship, and two others which will arrive within the month, will conduct detailed sonar sweeps of the area in a […]

  • Stating there was insufficient evidence and the warrant police had to search  Hernandez’s home was not for a wide-ranging search, Judge Susan Garsh will not allow 35 items to be used as evidence in the murder […]

  • Some of Rivers’ closest friends and confidants pay tribute to her in a special 90-minute Fashion Police episode on Friday, September 19, 2014. Melissa opens the show:

    The last four years this set has been home to […]

  • The new encryption in iOS 8 will no longer allow the company to bypass a user’s password to access their account data. Even if police present a search warrant, text messages, emails, photos and other data can not […]

  • Pope Francis arrives in Albania to meet with 11 heads of various religious communities to promote harmony. Francis is only the second pope to visit Albania. Pope John Paul II visited the country in 1992. Due to […]

  • German lawyer Elmar M. Giemulla, an aviation expert, says he will file a suit at the European Court of Human Rights in the coming weeks on behalf of three German families who lost relatives when the plane was shot […]

  • The company recalls 221,558 Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Impala sedans because the brake pads can stay partially engaged even when they’re not needed, increasing the risk of a fire. The recall involves Cadillacs […]

  • Captain Tony Grider dies from burn-related injuries he suffered last month. While helping the Campbellsville University band with their video challenge on August 21, 2014, four members of the Fire and Rescue […]

  • Apple announces that 10 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones were sold during the first weekend of sales, breaking a company record for sales. The figures for the two devices are not broken out, but the  […]

  • On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Crystal and Fallon pay tribute to Williams by swapping funny stories about him. Fallon commends Crystal for his tribute to Williams on The Primetime Emmy Awards show. Crystal says “It was really a hard thing,” mentioning the entire crowd was feeling “the same sadness, bewilderment, frustration and this overall ‘What?!’

    It was only two weeks after. And to try to do him justice for myself and for the audience around the world, really, in two minutes was the task. I’ve given eulogies before, sadly, for a lot of people I love, but nobody on television.

    Fallon the shares a story about being on a bus filled with comedy icons – Williams, Martin Short, Rob Reiner, Jon Lovitz and Danny DeVito – as they traveled to Washington D.C. for the Kennedy Center Honors. Before they could enter the building, they encountered a bomb-sniffing dog, leading to a round of self-deprecating punchlines about their respective film flops. Impersonating Williams, Fallon says:

    Oh, I hope there’s no copies of my movies on this bus! Quick, everyone throw Popeye out the window!

    Crystal says of Williams:

    He had the biggest set of balls ever on a stage. He was fearless.


  • ThumbnailAntonio Sabato, Jr., a model and actor, was born on February 29, 1972 in Rome, Italy. His father is actor Antonio Sabato, Sr., and his mother is a realtor from Prague.  Sabato and his family moved to the United […]

  • Hernandez says he was worried about his fiancee and their child and felt helpless while police were searching his home the day after Odin Lloyd was murdered. In an affidavit he filed with Bristol Superior Court, Hernandez states:

    I felt helpless in the face of the occupation of my house by the police. I was also very concerned about what would happen to my fiance [sic] and our baby if I refused to answer their questions. I did not feel free to leave at any time during the search.

    The sworn statement, made public today, is the first time Hernandez has spoken publicly about the case. He also states:

    Many of the officers carried weapons which were visible to me. Officers asked me a number of questions, including where my cellphone was and the password for my phone. I told them that my cell phone was with my lawyers and I told them the password. I was not given Miranda warnings at any point. I had told the police the night before that they should direct their questions to my attorneys, but they questioned me anyway. I know that my attorneys told police the night before that they should contact them, not me, with any questions, but the police ignored that, too.

    Hernandez filed the affidavit as part of an effort to suppress evidence police derived from questioning him at his home during a June 18, 2013, search there. His lawyers argue:

    That questioning occurred without appropriate Miranda warnings and after Hernandez had invoked his right to counsel. Accordingly, all fruits of his statements must be suppressed.

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