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30 Jul, 2015

Tweets Palmer’s address

Makes Statement

Farrow tweets Palmer’s business address to 656,000 followers. Initially it is thought that the post included Palmer’s home address.

CecilTheLion -Gentle protector of 6 cubs. Loved by many. Killed by Dentist Walter Palmer. [Address]

Farrow quickly deletes the address and amends the tweet to show a picture instead of his dental practice in Bloomington, Minneapolis.

1 Jun, 2006

Esquire interview


Farrow talks about being formerly married to Sinatra:

When I married Frank Sinatra, my father had recently died, and he had just turned fifty, and people said, Oh, you’re looking for a father. It’s hard for me to, um, deny or confirm. But what I will tell you is that he was the coolest, handsomest, sexiest guy. I don’t think there are many women of any age who could have resisted him. He was utterly charming. Absolutely adorable. So you can talk father all you like — he wasn’t anything like my father.

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