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4 Feb, 2014

Essence Cover

Magazine Cover

winfreyWinfrey, Whitaker, Jordan, and Ejiofor appear on the cover of Essence magazine to discuss their upcoming movies, The Help and 12 Years A Slave. Winfrey on being sexy:

I don’t think of myself as being sexy and I’m not even sure how one is sexy.

Ejiofor on his role:

Even though there were emotional moments to shoot, overall I think every member of the cast and crew was there for one reason: They felt it was a tale that deserved to be told.

8 Dec, 2013

Michael B. Jordan interview


Winfrey interviews actor Michael B. Jordan, on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Winfrey questions Jordan about his latest film.

It was a bit overwhelming at first cause I didn’t want to let anybody down. You know when a when they have expectations. I wanted to meet them, exceed them.

Michael B. Jordan: "Black Males, We Are America's Pit Bulls" - Oprah's Next Chapter - OWN

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