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Michael Bisping

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Michael Bisping is an English mixed martial artist, born in Nicosia, Cyprus in 1979. He fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and is the current UFC Middleweight Champion

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5 Feb, 2018

Bisping: McGregor would ‘destroy’ Mayweather in 35 seconds in the UFC

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On his podcast, Bisping says Mayweather would be beaten easily by McGregor in the Octagon.

I honestly can’t see Floyd Mayweather fighting mixed martial arts and certainly [not] in the UFC. If he does fight in the UFC it’s going to be against Conor McGregor…Conor McGregor in an MMA fight will f****** destroy Floyd Mayweather like he’s never seen…It takes so long to learn – so long to put the pieces of the puzzle together, so long to learn the grappling the transitions from the striking to the grappling. Conor McGregor would literally have a field day with Floyd Mayweather. I don’t know what [Mayweather]’s doing, he’s maybe trying to stay relevant, maybe he’s trying to hype his next boxing match, maybe he’s trying to get a rematch with Conor McGregor in the boxing world, I don’t know what he’s doing. But I will tell you this, everybody does have their price and apparently there was rumours floating round that a billion dollars was the price for a few fights in the UFC and a f****** billion dollars goes a long way. It would certainly be a record breaking pay-per-view, I don’t know if it’ll be more than McGregor vs Mayweather in a boxing ring but it certainly has the potential.

7 Aug, 2017

Bisping: McGregor can beat Mayweather, but only with an early KO

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Bisping says McGregor has to hit early.

Of course he has a chance, everybody has a puncher’s chance. Conor has more than a puncher’s chance because he’s working and sparring hard, he’s athletic and he’s got good timing. But to win he’s got to turn it into a brawl, simple as that. He can’t try to outbox Floyd Mayweather because he will lose if he tries to. He’s got to go for the early knockout. The longer the fight goes the more it swings in Floyd’s favour.

2 May, 2017

Bisping: ‘McGregor is Jesus, I am the Devil’

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During his Believe You Me podcast Bisping compares the blowback he’s receiving for fighting George St-Pierre versus the lack of criticism thrown towards Conor McGregor, who is trying to get a fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Whatever I do, I get shit off everybody. Conor McGregor can do no wrong, he is Jesus reincarnated. He can walk on water, he can do whatever the f-ck he wants. He can leave the sport of UFC and go chase a boxing match and that’s still the best thing ever, holding up two divisions whilst he’s at it. But me, Jesus Christ, all I tried to do is get a big payday and I’m the scum of the earth, I’m the devil. The top seven are calling me out. Whichever one of them, because they’re all tough guys, let’s be honest, whichever one I pick, the other six are all going to bitch and whine and complain. So you can’t win. I’m fighting Georges St-Pierre, f-cking deal with it.”

28 Mar, 2017

Bisping: McGregor will ‘forever be the featherweight champ’

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Bisping says that even though McGregor had his title removed by the UFC, he will always be the featherweight champ.

In a lot of people’s eyes, lets be honest be beat both of them – he beat Jose [Aldo] in thirteen seconds and he beat Max Holloway. Max Holloway was the only person [at featherweight] to take him to a decision, that’s granted. He’s older now and he has drastically improved but Conor does own a victory over him. I guess he [McGregor] will forever be the 145 champion, I guess. Because even though Jose’s the champion now it’s still fresh in everybody’s mind that Conor knocked him out in thirteen seconds. It’s simple as that. It wasn’t that long ago, that isn’t forgotten about.

15 Mar, 2017

Bisping: Mayweather returning to boxing after being scammed

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Bisping says Mayweather was prompted to return to the ring because he was the victim of a scam.

I was talking to someone in Las Vegas, and I heard that Floyd recently got scammed out of a lot of money. The number was very, very big. I don’t think Floyd needs the money, but he wants to replace this money that he got swindled out of…My bet is that the fight will happen. Will it happen in June? I don’t know, that might be a bit too soon.

9 Mar, 2017

Bisping: ‘No way’ McGregor will fight Nurmagomedov now

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On his Believe You Me podcast, Bisping says McGregor will not fight Nurmagomedov.

One million per cent, it kills his chances of ever fighting Conor and it puts the UFC in a very difficult position. If they make that rematch between Khabib and Tony, and Khabib wins, there is no way Conor is going to accept that because he is going to say, ‘I’m not going to take that risk of having an entire fight camp for him not to make it to the Octagon so I’m not going to do it’.

8 Mar, 2017

St-Pierre: Bisping ‘no Conor McGregor’ when it comes to trash talk

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St-Pierre says Bisping is not good at trash talk.

I don’t consider Bisping as a good trash talker; I think he’s horrendous. I think he’s terrible. He’s not even good at trash talking. He’s doing the best thing for me. The more he talk the more he embarrasses himself. I don’t really care. Some guys, for example like Conor McGregor or Chael Sonnen, I would never be able to get into a war of words with them because they’re just so good. But Michael Bisping, he thinks he’s good but he’s terrible. Everything he says doesn’t make sense. The more he opens his mouth the more he embarrasses himself, so for me it’s a good thing.

1 Mar, 2017

GSP vs Bisping announced for later in 2017

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White announces St-Pierre will fight Bisping for the middleweight championship of the world later in 2017. Bisping and St-Pierre will have a press conference on this Friday 3rd March in Las Vegas. White:

He wanted to take some time off from the sport. He’s been talking about coming back for a couple of years now.I personally wasn’t a believer, but he and I got together in Las Vegas. We had dinner and got a deal done…He will fight Michael Bisping for the 185 pound title.

21 Feb, 2017

St-Pierre coach wants return bout with McGregor or Bisping

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Zahabi, St-Pierre’s coach, says he wants cross-division super fights.

I was really happy when there was a buzzing of Bisping or McGregor. I thought those two would be two epic fights. One, he would go a little lower, one he would go a little higher. But those are really, really intriguing fights. Of course, Tyron Woodley, he’s the champion and et cetera, but he has his fight with ‘Wonderboy’, and if ‘Wonderboy’ wins, then they’ll have a trilogy. And of course we don’t want to fight with ‘Wonderboy,’ we go way back together. So I think the welterweight title is not really something [GSP] is thinking about right now because of the current landscape.. but there is always the 185-pound belt. And of course, McGregor is such a mega-star that if you put those two on a main event, I don’t think that anybody in the world wouldn’t watch that. I think that even non-MMA fans would watch that.

1 Jan, 2017

Bisping, Woodley verbally agree to fight

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Bisping shares a video of him debating Woodley over a potential fight, before agreeing on a catchweight fight at 180-pounds perhaps taking place in April or May next year. The verbal agreement isn’t necessarily official, as it’s up to the UFC to book their fighters.

TW: We’re fighting!
MB: Bro, really?
TW: What weight?
MB: Whatever weight you wanna do.
TW: 180. What do you weigh?
MB: More than you little guy.
TW: I weigh 200
MB: How about 210?
TW: You hear that? 180 me and Bisping
MB: 180. But then no belts on the line
TW: No belts f-ck that!
MB: Superfight for the f-ckin’ <inaudible>
TW: What month?
MB: May?
TW: I’m 100% serious


20 Dec, 2016

Rolling Stone’s UFC Fighter of the Year

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Bising is awarded Rolling Stone’s UFC Fighter of the Year. The magazine:

Bisping is one of the longest-tenured fighters on the UFC roster. He debuted in June 2006 after winning Season 3 of The Ultimate Fighter reality series and, since then, it’s been a roller coaster of triumphant highs and forgettable lows. After all the ups and downs, Bisping seemed destined to end his career as a high-quality fighter with a polarizing personality who could never quite reach the pinnacle of the sport. Then 2016 came along, and his 10th year in the UFC ended up as his best.

3 Sep, 2016

Bisping: Alvarez would kill McGregor

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Bisping says that McGregor cannot beat Alvarez at 155 pounds, disagreeing with John Kavanagh, who has said McGregor would beat Alvarez inside two rounds.

I think looking at that last fight, he does not want to fight Eddie Alvarez at 155. I think Alvarez kills him man. He’ll just take him down and destroy him. I’m not saying that to be mean, I just think stylistically…I like Conor. Conor is incredible, he’s done amazing things for this sport. He’s brought so many eyes on to it, he’s making so much money and he’s exciting as hell. He brings excitement.

27 Aug, 2016

Bisping: ‘I inspire McGregor’

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Bisping says McGregor would not be the star he is today without his influence.

No, why would Conor McGregor motivate me? I motivate Conor McGregor. When Conor McGregor was learning to stand to throw his first punch, I was kicking ass in the UFC. I’ve been at this a lot longer, so I motivate Conor McGregor. I inspire him…If it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t exist. He would be working for minimum wage at the docks in Dublin…Put it like this, let’s have it right. Conor McGregor comes up to my waist and he weighs about the same as my little finger, so I’d snap his neck like a twig…But, he’s a cool guy. He’s a great fighter. He brings a lot of excitement. He’s been great for the sport. He brings a lot of eyes. Listen, he’s very watchable, he’s very sellable. He brings a lot of excitement and he delivers, I’m a fan.

21 Jun, 2016

Bisping: I’ll snap McGregor’s neck

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Bisping says he would “snap” Conor McGregor’s neck if he ever moved up to 185 pounds.

Listen, a long time ago I had a bird that annoyed me and the bird had to go. The bird’s neck was snapped. I would also snap Conor McGregor’s neck in a similar fashion. Conor is about as high as this couch, and I’m a grand specimen – I’m 6’2 of prime British beef. Conor is Irish and about 4’2. It wouldn’t even be fair. I doubt you could even get it sanctioned. But Conor for his weight-class is amazing, he is the best, I love him, but come on.