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8 Mar, 2017

St-Pierre: Bisping ‘no Conor McGregor’ when it comes to trash talk

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St-Pierre says Bisping is not good at trash talk.

I don’t consider Bisping as a good trash talker; I think he’s horrendous. I think he’s terrible. He’s not even good at trash talking. He’s doing the best thing for me. The more he talk the more he embarrasses himself. I don’t really care. Some guys, for example like Conor McGregor or Chael Sonnen, I would never be able to get into a war of words with them because they’re just so good. But Michael Bisping, he thinks he’s good but he’s terrible. Everything he says doesn’t make sense. The more he opens his mouth the more he embarrasses himself, so for me it’s a good thing.

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