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26 Sep, 2022

Report: Tesla China to hit over 80k deliveries this month

A report from China says Tesla is targeting deliveries of about 80,000 to 90,000 vehicles domestically this month, despite insurance data from previous weeks suggesting that Tesla seemed to be having delivery challenges in the country.  The report says that shorter waiting times mean scalpers who had bought the cars in hope of a large profit will now be undercut as Tesla customers wait for a possible October price cut. Estimates in China reportedly suggest that Tesla will reduce its Model 3 prices by RMB 20,000 ($2,700) and the Model Y by RMB 28,000 ($3,900). Report:

There is a tradition of price reduction: Historically, Tesla has been ahead of the market regardless of whether the price has been raised or lowered. There is room for price reduction: Tesla’s 22Q2 single-vehicle profit is 8,000+ US dollars, and its 22Q3 single-vehicle net profit hits 13,000 US dollars, equivalent to 80,000 yuan, which is extremely profitable.

25 Sep, 2022

Musk posts photo with Grimes: ‘No way to prove we’re living in a simulation’

Musk posts a picture of himself with former girlfriend Grimes, in costumes they donned for a Saturday Night Live episode in May 2021. Musk contrasts the picture with one of animated Mario and Princess Peach sitting at the edge of a castle roof, with the caption:

Of course, there’s no way to prove we’re living in a simulation

Musk has talked about the possibility of humans living inside a simulation previously, on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in 2018, and in November 2021. The simulation hypothesis is promoted by scientists. including astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

French feminist: Elon Musk is ‘one the greatest environmental killers of all time’

Sandrine Rousseau, a Greens party MP, who has been called ‘the fiercest feminist in France’, says Musk is the model of white alpha males responsible for human suffering and climate disaster.

Elon Musk is the archetype of the conquering male entrepreneur who should be considered one of the greatest environmental killers of all time.

Rousseau, 50, has made international headlines this year with calls for an end to barbecues as a symbol of world-destroying “virility” and for the creation of a criminal offence of failing to share housework.

15 Mar, 2022

Anger at Scottish Government over Calmac ferry secrecy

In the Scottish Parliament, Shadow Transport MSP Graham Simpson expresses his frustration at the lack of answers over how much longer it will take to get the Scottish ferries ready.

 Well, I’m asking a question in this chamber, and I expect to get an answer and the minister has not made an attempt to answer the question, which is by how long the ferries are delayed. It is not acceptable. We’re at a crisis point here. Just yesterday, only 13 out of CalMac’s 29 routes were operating normally. Islanders are at their wits’ end. There’s no slack in the system, so when a ferry breaks down, the knock on effects are horrendous. We need a steady pipeline of new ferries being ordered.

Business Minister Ivan McKee responds:

The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that Scotland’s islands have got the connectivity. That’s why we are making that substantial investment into ensuring that that is indeed the case. The details of the impact of that cable issue are being worked through at the moment and we will report back when the robust information is available as to the implications in terms of time and cost of that particular issue.

The Turkey order had been part of a £580 million investment in further expanding the ferry service. In contrast McKee’s predecessor, Graham Dey had asked for £1.5 billion over 10 years. A cross party visit to the shipyard planned for January had been cancelled and rescheduled for April 2022 . A freedom of information request to get an answer for when the two ferries will be ready, failed to be answered within the required 20 days and has been escalated to an appeal.

13 Mar, 2022

Sturgeon won’t say why Scottish National Bank boss resigned

Sturgeon refuses to give any reasons why Eilidh Mactaggart suddenly resigned as chief executive of the state-owned bank. Sturgeon says MacTaggart’s resignation happening at the same time that Kate Forbes announced the Scottish Government’s 10year economic plan is “a coincidence” and in response to requests for clarifications she said:

I am sure everyone will understand that I am not going to go into the confidential details of anybody’s employment situation.The former chief executive of the Scottish National Investment Bank is a private individual. She has opted to resign her post and is entitled to the duty of care that any individual in her circumstances is entitled to.

6 Mar, 2022

Rowling: Sturgeon’s gender reforms puts women at risk

Rowling says Sturgeon is putting vulnerable women at risk with the plan to change the gender recognition laws. The proposed changes will allow a person to change their gender after three months. Rowling says this means that men facing a custodial sentence for harming women, could potentially self declare as female and be incarcerated in a female prison

5 Mar, 2022

Sturgeon: Recovery after Covid should address gender inequality

Speaking at an event to mark International Women’s Day, Sturgeon says gender equality should be at the heart of building back after the covid pandemic and praises the role that women had played in the pandemic as carers and key workers. She also says that the pandemic made some inequalities worse and vowed that addressing inequalities between men and women should be at the centre of the post covid recovery

We must learn lessons from the pandemic and work together to build a fairer country.And given the massive contribution women made to tackling the pandemic, the massive contribution women make to our society each and every day, any attempt to build a better society out of this must have gender equality absolutely at its heart.

2 Mar, 2022

Sturgeon: No connection between Ukraine and Scottish Independence

Sturgeon weighs into the Ukraine debate to clarify statements made by her own party members. Mike Russell SNP party president and Michelle Thompson Scottish likened Ukraine’s’ fight against their Russian invaders – to the fight for Scottish independence. When asked about this, Sturgeon said it was “overstating things”

There is no connection between a war in Ukraine and the support and campaign for independence in Scotland.What I think should unite all of us right now are some fundamental values, the values that underpin I think much of our democracy in Scotland – and certainly underpin my party and the independence movement – the commitment to democracy, freedom, the rule of international law and the value of the world coming together in solidarity. These are the values that we hold dear and these are the values that people bravely in Ukraine are standing up for in the toughest imaginable circumstances. But we should all remember right now this is about Ukraine fighting for these values and our responsibility is to do everything we can to support them.

Promises 1/2 million medical items for Ukraine

Sturgeon says she will send 500,000 medical items to Ukraine to help those “fighting a battle for democracy and freedom” against their Russian invaders. While visiting a distribution centre that was collating the items she described this as an initial consignment and said that while the conflict was ongoing she do as much as she could to support them. Predicting that the war would be “likely to be grimmer and more deadly in the weeks and months to come” she asked that the Prime Minister make it easier for fleeing Ukrainians to come to the UK. She described the UK Government as having moved in the right right direction but not far enough.

I would appeal to the Prime Minister to stop moving forward incrementally, stop having to be dragged into a better position. Follow the example of the European Union who’s opened its doors and said people from Ukraine will get entry and the right to stay for three years, follow the example of Ireland as they drop visa requirements, open the doors of the UK to people fleeing this horror in Ukraine and sort the paperwork later.That’s the humanitarian thing to do, it’s what we need to do to give life to the words of support that everybody is articulating right now. But it’s also the practical and necessary thing to do.I don’t think any of us has properly grasped the magnitude of the population displacement that is going to come from this war.

She also said that the donation of so many medical items would not mean that the Scottish NHS would go without.

28 Feb, 2022

Sturgeon: waive visa for Ukrainian refugees

Sturgeon asks the Home Office to review its immigration policy to allow Ukranians fleeing war to enter the UK without a visa, calling for them to be given asylum first and their paperwork be processed after. She also called the existing Home office immigration policy “inhumane ind indefensible”, comparing UK policy with the Republic of Ireland who had completely done away with any visa requirement for entry in response to the situation in Ukraine.

23 Feb, 2022

Sturgeon calls for RT UK Ban

Sturgeon says she is appalled that Alex Salmond continues to work for a Russian State television company RT and has asked that Ofcom revoke RT’s licence so that they are prevented from broadcasting in the UK

It’s a matter for Ofcom, but I do think there is now a very serious question about whether RT should continue to have a broadcast here in Scotland.And I would certainly encourage Ofcom to look at that very, very seriously and closely indeed.I’m appalled at Alex Salmond’s continued involvement with RT, I don’t think it’s any secret now that I don’t think he should ever have had a television show on RT, but it is even more unthinkable now that that should continue.

22 Feb, 2022

Sturgeon: Covid tests to remain free

Sturgeon says that even though free Covid tests will end in England on 1st April, they will remain free to users in Scotland. She was unable to confirm how they would be paid for though. She expressed “frustration at the position of the UK Government”, who she said may reject calls for extra money and “demand instead that funding is taken from elsewhere in the health budget”.

We consider it important – in line with the principle of healthcare free at the point of use – that they should remain free of charge for any circumstance in which government recommends testing.

Announces end of mask requirements

Sturgeon says masks will cease to be a legal requirement in Scotland after 21st March but she “strongly encourages” people to continue to wear them in public. She also added that should another dangerous new variant arise then restrictions could be reimposed.

As of March 21 – assuming no significant adverse developments in the course of the virus – we expect that the legal requirement to wear face coverings in certain indoor settings and on public transport will be converted to guidance. However, we will continue to strongly recommend the wearing of face coverings in shops and other indoor public places, and on public transport. We also expect on March 21 to lift the legal requirement for businesses, places of worship and service providers to have regard to Scottish government guidance on covid, and to take reasonably practicable measures set out in the guidance. The Scottish Government will adopt three threat risk levels that could see restrictions reimposed

10 Feb, 2022

Says post-independence pensions a ‘matter of negotiation’

Sturgeon has says the English and Scottish governments would negotiate pension liabilities at the point of independence but other senior members of her party have given different views on how this will be handled. The Blueprint for Scottish Independence, which was written before the 2014 referendum, said after independence the responsibility for paying out to Scottish pensioners would be held by the Scottish Government.

There are assets and liabilities, including pensions, that of course will be subject to negotiation when Scotland becomes independent. On an ongoing basis it will be for the Scottish Government to fund Scottish pensions, but in terms of how we take account of historic assets and liabilities, that will be a matter of negotiation.

In response to the argument that pensions are paid out of current taxes rather than out of national insurance contributions:

You might want to look at the Fraser of Allander comments on this just recently when they talk about the fact that access to pensions in the UK is not based on citizenship, it is based on National Insurance contributions.

Says independent Scotland would fund pensions

Sturgeon says an independent Scotland would fund Scottish pensions.

On an ongoing basis it will be for the Scottish Government to fund Scottish pensions.

9 Feb, 2022

Comments on Fire Service use of Nalaxone, drug deaths

While visiting a community fire station in Bathgate, Sturgeon comments on an announcment by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service that firefighters are to start carrying Nalaxonespray which can reverse the effects of an opiod overdose.

[Nalaxone] is a part of the overall approach we have taken to reduce the unacceptable toll that drugs have taken in Scotland and the number of deaths that are caused by drugs. We already have naloxone being used by the police (and) by the ambulance service. The Fire and Rescue Service initiative is an important addition to that. Of course, ultimately, we want to see naloxone kits widely available to people, to families of people who are drug users, for example, because it’s easy to administer and it can be the difference between life and death.

I want to see a significant reduction in the lives that are lost and are wasted to drugs, but we recognise it’s going to take time. What we have seen in recent years in Scotland in the form of drugs deaths is not acceptable. It’s not acceptable to me, to the Government and it shouldn’t be acceptable to anybody across the country so we are determined to turn that around.

8 Feb, 2022

Omicron: ‘We are now through the worst’

Sturgeon says that Scotland is over the worst of the Omicron pandemic. Daily infections and hospitalisations are continuing to fall and she will look at lessening restrictions after the 22nd February. This has led to the lifting of nearly all the additional restrictions that were put in place in December but the requirement for face masks and vaccine passports will remain, subject to review later in February

We are now through the worst of this wave of Omicron. We are on a good track at this state. To stay on this track, continued care and caution is needed. After almost two years of this ordeal, I know getting back to normal for short periods followed by further disruption to our lives, is not what any of us want. A return to normal that is sustained is what we want and are striving for. That is what the updated Strategic Framework will be aiming to support

2 Feb, 2022

Scotland has 26 cases of BA.2 variant

Sturgeon says a new variant of Covid-19, known as BA.2, that is thought to be more transmissible than the highly contagious Omicron variant has infected at least 26 people in Scotland. She says there is no evidence it is more dangerous than well-known strains of the disease.

BA.2 does appear to have the ability to outrun the main Omicron variant, which may indicate that it is more transmissible. Investigations into this are ongoing both in the UK and in other countries like Denmark where the subvariant has been circulating for longer. At the moment this BA.2 subvariant is not a cause for any alarm nor a cause to change our approach but it does warrant further study. It is also a reminder that the course of this pandemic or any pandemic, indeed, does remain uncertain.

Sturgeon: Rovers ‘must reflect’ on Goodwillie signing

Sturgeon comments on Goodwillie’s signing:

I think the statement Raith Rovers issued last night actually compounded the problem…what they effectively seemed to be saying is that it didn’t matter how a man had behaved towards a woman, the only thing that mattered to them was whether he could score goals for the football club. That really illustrates the distance we’ve still got to go as a society if our rhetoric about zero tolerance of sexual violence against women is to be a reality. Football players are role models and football clubs have a responsibility to make sure they are positive role models for the wee boys and the wee girls who look up to them. This is a player who was found in a civil court, albiet on the balance of probablities, to have raped a woman and as far as I’m aware, hasn’t shown any remorse or reflection for that and I think Raith Rovers really do have to reflect on the message that sends.

1 Feb, 2022

Staff want to work from home

According to a Holyrood filing, civil servants in transport authority want to work from home three to four days a week. Meanwhile, Freedom of Information laws also disclosed that only 5% of staff went into the office at some point between the start of the pandemic and the end of November. Transport Scotland spokesman:

Clearly a wider conversation is happening across all employers at the moment on what their working practices will be in the future. In line with the expectations set out by Ministers and national guidance, we are taking a gradual and phased approach to our move to hybrid working. For now, working from home will continue to form a significant part of the mix of most people’s arrangements. We are currently working on what our approach to hybrid working will look like but being  supportive of our staff, supporting our own business and the wider economy, and of course our wider policy position on active travel, are key considerations.

Shadow Transport Minister Simpson:

It’s a pretty damning indictment of Scotland’s transport network that those responsible for running it would rather work from home than navigate the traffic jams and delayed trains to get to their office. It’s also dispiriting for those workers across Scotland who are dependant on roads and rail to get to their work. People need transport they can trust to get them into the office on time, and those charged with the running of the network should be pulling out all the stops to make this happen.

Supports McDermid, Rattray over Goodwillie signing

Sturgeon says she supports McDermid and Rattray, after the former brakes her lifelong support and sponsorship of the club, and the latter resigns from the woman’s team.

28 Jan, 2022

Sturgeon: Gray report wrangling ‘getting murkier by the minute’

The Scottish First Minister says the process row between the Met Police and the Cabinet Office over which details of Sue Gray’s partygate report should be published was creating a ‘suspicion’ that events were helping the Prime Minister.

This gets murkier by the minute. Sue Gray and the Met are in difficult positions but the sequence of events and the situation arrived at now creates the suspicion – however unfairly – that the process of inquiry is aiding Johnson at the expense of public accountability.

Sturgeon criticises EHRC gender census position change

At Frist Minister’s questions, Sturgeon says the EHRC is misrepresenting the outcomes of her government’s planned reforms to gender laws, after the human right’s body urged the Scottish government to pause its reforms to the gender recognition process for further consideration. Sturgeon says the EHRC had gone through a “significant change in the position” following earlier consultations on gender reforms.

Obviously it’s for the commission to say why its position has changed but I think it’s important for me to narrate that it is a change in position. [The Bill] doesn’t confer any new rights on trans people, nor does it change any of the existing protections in the Equality Act, so it doesn’t change the current position on data collection or the ability of sports organisations to take decisions, for example.

27 Jan, 2022

Report: Social care ‘near crisis’

A report published by Audit Scotland on social care in Scotland, describes a care sector that is ‘near crisis’. Around £5.3billion was spent on social care in 2019/2020 and the report warns of the toll an increasingly aged population will take on resources. The report says the Sottish Givernment failed to take into account the views and needs of service users and rather than adequately plan ahead they expend energy responding to emergencies that could have been avoided in the first place. They describe staff morale as being at an all time low, resulting in staff leaving faster than they can be replaced. They identify the root cause of the recruitment and retention issues as the pay being too low. This situation will get even worse as the population age and more people require care. The Scottish Government has committed £800 million this parliamentary term and will also increase national insurance to ease the financial burden. It concludes that its problems are so serious, the Scottish Government needs to act immediately rather than wait for the creation of a new nationalised care sector.

We cannot wait another five years until the planned National Care Service is in place. Action must happen now, and at speed, by the Scottish Government. There must be clear timescales for delivery, demonstrating that lessons have been learnt from previous reforms of health and social care services.

Sarwar questions Sturgeon on social care risks

At First Minister’s Questions, Sarwar highlights Audit Scotland’s findings that social care in Scotland is in crisis.

We had a staffing crisis even before the pandemic and now services are reporting they do not have the staff they need. This is a stark report that makes clear a lack of action now presents serious risks. We have been calling for a National Care Service for over a decade but it can’t now be used as a Government slogan to delay action until 2026.

Sturgeon responds, saying ministers will establish the National Care Service before the end of the current session of Parliament and that, while the Scottish Government has given a 12.9% pay increase, they still had not gone far enough.

We are increasing the pay of those who work in social care, because recruitment and retention and the valuing of the social care workforce is an important part of what we need to do. An increase of 12.9% is actually what we have already delivered. Does that go far enough? No. And we have said that we want it to go further.

Sarwar said that change had to happen immediately not in the future and he challenged Sturgeon to back Labour’s plans for an immediate pay increase to £12 an hour.

25 Jan, 2022

Relaxes work from home rules

Sturgeon says that, as of Monday 31st January, work from home rules will be relaxed, leading to a gradual phased return to working in the office. She says the updated guidance is based on a fall in infections, from 10,000 new infections to 7000. Places of worship will have their social distancing requirements cut from two metres to one. She also warns against everyone returning to the office at the same time as she thinks this will cause another spike in infections.

We would not expect to see a wholesale return to the office next week – indeed, given that the level of infection though falling remains high, a mass return at this stage is likely to set progress back. But we know there are many benefits to both employees and employers, and to the economy as a whole, in at least a partial return to the office at this stage.

ONS: Sturgeon correct to say English covid rate 20% more than Scotland

The ONS says Sturgeon was correct when she said England’s coronavirus infection rate was more than 20 per cent higher than in Scotland. The First Minister was accused of having “seriously twisted” the Covid figures by the Lib Dems who reported her to the UK Statistics Authority. ONS figures show 5.47 per cent of people in England are infected compared to 4.49% in Scotland – a difference of 0.98 percentage points or 21.8 per cent. ONS Chairman Norgrove:

The data does suggest that the rate of infection is lower in Scotland than in England. The distinction between percentages (parts per hundred) and percentage points (the simple difference between two percentages) can be made easier to understand by quoting the two numbers being compared. For clarity, when publishing results from CIS, the Office for National Statistics gives the absolute number of people with Covid-19; the percentage of the population with Covid-19; and the number of people with Covid-19 as a ratio to the whole population. For example, one in 20 people.


What matters is that Scotland is doing better now than we were doing before Christmas and better now than we might have been doing had we not taken action to stem transmission. That is what is important. How we are faring relative to England or anywhere else is not, in my view, the key comparison. But, given that others have sought to draw that comparison – inaccurately – in an attempt to undermine confidence in the Scottish Government’s decisions, I hope all members will now accept the conclusion of the chair of the UK statistics authority that the data I cited was, indeed, accurate.

24 Jan, 2022

Scottish Hospitality Group questions Swinney referendum comments

The Scottish Hospitality Group responds to Swinney’s comments that The Scottish Government is planning another independence referendum while their businesses are still suffering from the covid restrictions:

Hearing John Swinney’s comments as I was driving, I nearly ended up on the central reservation. I think Mr Swinney, just needs to take a walk down Glasgow high street on a Friday night at 6pm or 7pm with shops that are still open but with no one in them, and come into restaurants that would normally be busy that are dead. If he’s going to make a statement that the economy or many sectors are back to normal he’s got to tell us what ones, because I certainly don’t know what they are. It’s certainly not hospitality and certainly not retail.

23 Jan, 2022

Legislative timetable for 2023 referendum to be decided in ‘coming weeks’

Appearing on the BBC’s Sunday Morning show, Sturgeon says The Scottish Government is preparing for a second referendum in 2023.

The preparatory work on that is underway right now. We haven’t decided on the date that we would seek to introduce the Bill. We will decide that in the coming weeks. But what I have said, and I will happily say again to you right now, is that my intention is to take the steps that will facilitate a referendum happening before the end of 2023…That’s the proposition that just short of a year ago I fought an election on and was re-elected as First Minister. My party was re-elected with a historically high share of the vote. This is about democracy. It’s about allowing the people of Scotland to choose our own future. I make no apology for the fact that over the past two years, as First Minister, I have prioritised steering the country through a pandemic. I am determined, I won an election on this basis, to give people in Scotland the choice over our future. I believe when that choice comes people will choose an independent future.

Says mask rule could be enforced for years

On The Sunday Show, Sturgeon says that if mask wearing is shown to help in the fight against Covid then they would be required to potentially be worn for years. While Scottish restrictions restrictions on hospitality and on gatherings will be removed on Jan 26, the requirement to wear masks in shops and other venues will remain. This is in contrast to England where all restrictions are being removed altogether. Asked if she foresaw masks being worn for “months or years to come”:

I don’t want any of these measures to be in place for any longer than is necessary. But masks…are something we can do. None of us enjoy wearing them but they are perhaps not the biggest handicap to endure in order to try to stem transmission. So while they can make a difference to controlling the virus then I think it is something we should do.

21 Jan, 2022

Ross: Sturgeon’s covid restrictions ‘far too gung-ho’

Ross says Sturgeon’s covid restrictions during the festive period, compared with England, which had fewer restrictions, had adversely affected peoples jobs businesses and mental health. He said her “wrong calls” on restrictions were compounded by her government’s failure to pay compensation that had been promised to affected businesses, with some firms “still waiting for a single penny of support”.

The First Minister imposed restrictions that had a massive impact on jobs, businesses and people’s mental and physical health. But we can now see they weren’t needed. It was the Scottish public’s actions, not the SNP Government’s restrictions, that got this right. The First Minister has tried to build a reputation for caution during this pandemic – but she was far too gung-ho in imposing restrictions last month. The Government went too far.


We’re taking a sensible approach through this, which is why infection levels – though dropping now thankfully in all parts of the UK – are lower in Scotland than they are in England right now. Over the festive period, the numbers of people in hospital proportionately were lower. We’re not out of the woods yet, but I’m going to continue to take a cautious approach, because, frankly, the price of throwing caution to the wind is not paid by governments. The price of throwing caution to the wind is paid by people across the country in terms of ill health and sadly, in some cases, serious illness and death.

20 Jan, 2022

Says Labour and Tory MPs are ‘interchangeable’

In response to a question from Anas Sarwar, Sturgeon cites Conservative MP Christian Wakeford’s defection to Labour, saying:

I’m just sitting here reflecting, almost unbeliveably actually, that Anas Sarwas has accused me of behaving like a Tory, the day after his party threw open the doors to a Tory MP. There is now so little difference between the Tories and Labour that their MPs are just interchangeable.

Sturgeon calls for inquiry into Wragg blackmail claims

Sturgeon says an independent inquiry should investigate Wragg’s allegations that Tory MPs calling for the Prime Minister to quit have faced blackmail and intimidation.

These are gravely serious allegations – intimidation, blackmail and using public money to do it. I would suggest that these accusations need to be fully and, crucially, independently investigated…They shock me.”

Later, the First Minister tweeted:

Let’s be clear: if Tories are threatening to withhold public investment from constituencies as a way of keeping MPs in line then, yes, that’s blackmail & intimidation – but it is also corruption. The moral decay at the heart of Johnson’s govt may be even worse than we thought.

19 Jan, 2022

Slorance widow: ‘No answers’ received from Sturgeon

Louise Slorance, widow of Andrew Slorance, says Sturgeon is not being honest about the real cause of his death in December 2020.

Nicola Sturgeon wrote to me 15 minutes before FMQs. I replied the same day. I still have no response to my letter…Myself, his children, family and friends, deserve better, we deserve answers…[It is] fruitless [to send her a letter]. I have had no contact regarding Andrew since this letter despite the assurance made by the FM that I will be kept updated. Since the circumstances around Andrew’s death became public, I have not received any answers to my questions regarding what happened at the QEUH from the Scottish Government or NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Scottish Government spokesman:

Ministers have been awaiting details to update Mrs Slorance and will be writing shortly. The NHS Lothian Peer Review has been examining the care and treatment received at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as well as the communications Mrs Slorance and the family received from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. We expect the findings of the peer review to be shared with the family in the near future. We have offered to meet with Mrs Slorance to discuss the care provided to Mr Slorance and remain committed to doing so.

18 Jan, 2022

Lifts Omicron restrictions

During her First Minister’s statement in Holyrood, Sturgeon says that, as of Monday, January 24, the restrictions brought in just before Christmas to stem the rate of Omicron infections, will be lifted. This means an end to one-metre social distancing, the three-household limit for indoor meetings and nightclubs will be able to reopen. The intended extension of the use of vaccine passports has been cancelled but they will still be retained for large events. She says Omicron infections peaked the first week of January and along with hospital admissions the numbers are now dropping.

[I am] cautiously optimistic that we are turning the corner on this Omicron wave.

17 Jan, 2022

Sturgeon: Johnson using ‘cheap, populist policies’ to distract from scandals

Sturgeon says Johnson of attempting to create populist policies to distract public outrage away from his recent scandals. Johnson has allegedly launched “Operation Red Meat”, which includes plans to scrap the BBC License fee in five years time and to use sonic weapons against small boats in an attempt to send illegal immigrants back into French waters. Government ministers have denied that the policies were created to divert from the Prime Minister’s travails. Sturgeon:

While everybody will have different degrees of criticism of the BBC, to try to jettison the BBC to save his own skin, it’s unedifying. It’s beneath the office of Prime Minister and all it does really is underline this feeling that Boris Johnson is not just himself damaged irreparably, in my view, but he is bit by bit undermining and damaging the institutions of the country and the institutions that support our democracy and that’s why it’s got to stop. A line has to be drawn under this and it’s now up to the Tory Party to decide what’s more important – protecting Boris Johnson or acting in the wider interests of the country…I think there is such a fundamental issue of trust and integrity now around the Prime Minister and the responsible thing for him to do, to allow the focus to be back where it needs to be, would be to resign from office.

Sturgeon also compared her behaviour to Johnsons, climing that she that she would have resigned had the Jamese Hamilton inquiry found any evidence of breaking the ministerial code been found.

Welcomes record £700m offshore windfarm lease auction

Sturgeon comments on the Scottish Crown Estate’s largest-ever auction of permits to construct offshore windfarms. £699.2 million was raised for 17 separate offshore energy projects off the east, northeast and northern coast of Scotland, to companies such as Shell, BP, SSE and Scottish Power. The developments – a combination of floating, fixed and mixed turbines – are estimated to produce almost 25,000 megawatts of energy.

It’s really hard to overstate how significant and important today’s announcement is for Scotland’s energy, environmental and economic future. This gives us the potential to meet our own energy needs from renewable sources. It’s going to position Scotland as a major exporter of green energy, green hydrogen as well – and delivers massive economic benefits as well as the revenues that will flow to the Scottish government. The estimate is that for every gigawatt of power generated from these projects in due course, there will be a billion pounds of investment in the supply chain and that has the potential to create thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of jobs. So, as we make this transition to net-zero to meet the climate emergency, this helps ensure Scotland can do that in a fair and a just way that creates new jobs to replace those in oil and gas, for example, which we are in the process of transitioning away from. This is perhaps one of the biggest, most significant days in terms of Scotland’s energy and industrial future that we’ve had in a very, very long time. Really exciting

14 Jan, 2022

‘People who hold office in the Conservative Party are honour-bound to support the Prime Minister’

Speaking in Parliament, Rees-Mogg says

Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland are equal, fundamental parts of the United Kingdom, without which there is no United Kingdom. Our great history, our great tradition, our success as a nation has been built on this union. How did we, as small country, as small island off the coast of the European continent, become one of the great empires in the world? Very often thanks to the work of people from Scotland…This is something celebrated on this side of the house. Something we glory in, as our great shared joined  history, our history of kinship, of ties of blood, of ties of involvement in each other’s lives. Now, I would say in respose to his absolute point: People who hold office in the Conservative Party are honour-bound to support the Prime Minister.

13 Jan, 2022

Sturgeon: Rees-Mogg comments show ‘utter contempt for Scotland’

In response to Rees-Mogg calling Ross ‘a lightweight’ and ‘not a big figure, Sturgeon says his comments reflected the contempt with which English Tories hold Scotland itself. Ross had called on Johnson to resign after he had eventually admitted to attending an outdoor party, months after rolling out emergency pandemic legislation to make such parties illegal. Sturgeon observed:-

These might be personal insults directed at the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, but actually they say something much deeper about the Westminster establishment’s utter contempt for Scotland. If they can’t even show basic respect for their own colleagues, what chance do the rest of us have? The fact is Westminster thinks Scotland doesn’t need to be listened to, can be ignored, and now we’re being told we have to thole a Prime Minister that his own colleagues think is not fit for office.

An added benefit of being independent is that we will no longer have to put up with being treated like something on the sole of Westminster’s shoe.

‘Firm intention’ for exam go-ahead

In response to a question from Shirley-Anne Summerville, Sturgeon says it is her “firm intention” that senior students at secondary schools will sit exams this year. Due to the pandemic, for the past two years, Highers and other formal qualifications have been unable to take place, with pupils instead given grades based on their teachers’ assessment of performance.

Given we’re still living through a global pandemic, contingencies are needed in education as in all other aspects of life right now. Our firm intention this year is that exams will go ahead…If education is further disrupted, because of developments in the pandemic, than additional support will be provided for those studying for exams. The second contingency is that if public health advice says it isn’t safe for young people to come together to sit exams in the traditional way, then we go back to a situation akin to the last two years where we would have teacher judgment coming to bear instead of exams.

Rees-Mogg: Ross is a ‘lightweight’

When told that all 31 Scottish MSPs have called for Boris Johnson to resign, Rees-Mogg calls Ross ‘a lightweight’ and cites Alister Jack as someone of more importance in the party.

The Secretary of State for Scotland, who is a big figure is very supportive of the Prime Minister. Douglas Ross has always been quite a lightweight figure.

Ross: Sturgeon failing Scottish businesses

At First Minister’s questions, Ross accuses Sturgeon of treating Scottish businesses like an afterthought after still failing to pass on Westminsters rescue cash that was supposed to have been in place before Christmas. The Scottish Government’s advice on covid restrictions over Christmas had led to a huge reduction in footfall over the festive period and consequently many businesses have had to borrow huge sums of money just to survive.

Not a single penny of funding we were promised has reached businesses. Can she give a precise time-scale on when this money will be paid a month after it was announced? First Minister, this has happened time and time again. The SNP are quick to demand more money from the Westminster government but very slow to get it out to the business that need it.

11 Jan, 2022

Extends covid passport rules

In an announcement to Parliament, Sturgeon says that whilst limits of 500 people at football matches would be lifted as of Monday 17th January and table service restrictions in eateries and one-metre social distancing requirements will be removed on Monday 24th January, there will also be an increased and more widespread use of the covid vaccine passport.

The new rules will require attendees to provide proof of having had two vaccine injections plus the booster jab in order to get into nightclubs and large events. Whereas, until now, event organisers were only required to check the passports of twenty percent of attendees, from 24th January that will be raised to fifty percent. Those who have not as yet had a booster jab can instead provide proof of a same day negative lateral flow test. Sturgeon also says she will look at “extending the scope of covid certification to other venues” which has been widely interpreted that she will even impose them on pubs and licensed premises.

16 Dec, 2021

Ferguson’s: Hair to step down

Ferguson’s announces, that after two years at the company, Hair will step down as turnaround director. He spent two years as turnaround director. He will be replaced by Tydeman in February. Chairman Alistair Mackenzie:

[It is] the right time to welcome a permanent and longer-term leader…The board and wider team at Ferguson Marine extend our thanks to Tim Hair for his leadership, expertise and commitment over the past two years. It has been challenging, not least because of a global pandemic, but he has implemented a series of important changes, systems and controls and built an experienced and skilled team to strengthen the business and establish a solid footing for growth.

21 Nov, 2021

Salmond: Sturgeon’s Cambo stance will ‘sink independence’

Salmond compares Sturgeon’s opposition to the Cambo oil field to Mrs Thatcher’s abandonment of coal mining communities, saying it will sink the case for independence and cost the SNP tens of thousands of votes.

The consequences could be far reaching, and not just for the SNP but for the whole independence movement….It would be akin to Margaret Thatcher, having closed the pits, then campaigning for votes in the old mining areas of Cowdenbeath and Kelty…For the leader of the independence campaign to casually cast aside that card represents a stunning step backwards.

He says Cambo should be licensed on condition it is a zero carbon development:

Without it, then it is not just farewell to tens of thousands of north-east of Scotland votes for the SNP. Much more seriously, it’s Mossmorran no more, Grangemouth no more, St Fergus no more – and independence no more.

20 Nov, 2021

Hancko: Kamara booing had ‘no racist undertones’

Hancko says booking of Kamara had no ‘racist undertones

There were no racist undertones at the game. The club also told us that the delegate did not write anything about it in his report of the match after the game too. It came to our notice that Kamara was whistled after he got a red card, but any player from Rangers would have been whistled if they had got sent off too. I’m strongly against racism, but I think it’s been unnecessarily blown up on their part.

19 Nov, 2021

‘Nuclear power has to be part of the mix’

Relauncing his “Green Labour” campaign on board an electric-powered bus in Glasgow, Sarwar says that nuclear power should be part of effort to tackle cliate change.

I think we have to be honest about future opportunities and I think nuclear power has to be part of the mix. I’m not saying nuclear power has to be the priority, or the lead..,The idea that we can shut down industries, and instead import energy – it’s not good for security, it’s not good for jobs and it’s not good for affordability.

He also says the public will not welcome increased energy bills:

I want to take the public with us, I don’t want to sacrifice jobs, and I think that means having a credible energy policy. If we are saying to the public you are going to get green energy, and avert the climate crisis, but it means your bills are going to go up, it means you’re going to lose your job, but it’s price worth paying – we’re not going to keep the public with us.