Retires ‘from fighting’

McGregor announces his officical retirement from UFC. Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting. Hey guys I’ve decided to retire from fighting.Thank you all for the amazing memories! What a ride it’s been!Here is a picture of myself and my mother in Las Vegas post one of my World title wins!Pick the home of […]

The Majority

The Devlins launch The Majority, a website that aims to unite the silent majority who are dismayed and frustrated about the rise of Nationalism in Scotland, and give them the tools to fight back.

News Rewired talk

Mark presents NewsBlocks at News Rewired, a conference at Thomson Reuters HQ in London, that promotes trends in journalism technology. Mark discusses the use of blockchain technology to create a verified, permanent and priced “store of news value” for all the world’s news.

NewsBlocks launches Blockchain-based trusted news platform

The Social News Company Ltd. launches NewsBlocks, a blockchain platform for building next-generation news applications, such as trusted news feeds, fact-checking systems and fake news detectors. NewsBlocks starts from the insight that the traditional news article — a form of news designed to be printed on paper and thrown away each day — is not […]

NewsBlocks reaches Great British Entrepreneur Contest finals

NewsBlocks is a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Challenge. The contest, run by Andy Yates and promoted by The Daily Mail, offers £50,000 investment and mentoring as a prize, and aims to find: great start-ups and early-stage firms and to find passionate entrepreneurs who want to disrupt and change their market for the better, and […]

World News Media Congress panel

Mark participates in a panel on news innovation at the World News Media Congress in Glasgow. The other participants included Frédéric Sitterlé, Director of Development at Groupe Challenges, which is creating news products for use in Renault cars, Kourtney Bitterly, R&D Lead at the New York Times, who talked about the company’s research into Smart […]

Announces retirement from MMA

McGregor tweets what appears to be a retirement announcement: Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as “Mixed Martial Art” today. I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition. I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement. Proper Pina Coladas on me […]

Arrested after smashing fan’s phone

McGregor is arrested after he allegedly smashes a fan’s phone outside a nightclub in Miami Beach. The fan, who has not been named, was trying to take photos of McGregor as he was leaving the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel, home to the LIV nightclub, just after 5am, when McGregor allegedly ‘slapped’ the phone out of […]

On The TV single release

The band releases On The TV, from Build A Tower, as a single. Aaron: On The TV is a song about feeling a sense of discomfort, disassociation and extreme anxiety at the state of the modern world. It’s a scream against everything from caged kids at the Mexican border to the rise of nationalism in […]

Manchester Food & Drink Festival acoustic set announcement

The band announces they will be performing their new EP in full on the City Life Manchester stage at the Manchester Food & Drink Festival on 4th Oct, Albert Square, 8pm. ACOUSTIC SHOW We will be performing our new EP in full on the @CityLifeManc stage at MF&D Fest on 4th Oct, Albert Square, 8pm […]

MCR Live interview

Aaron and Kurt are interviewed for MCR Live about their upcoming acoustic album, For All Here To Observe. Aaron: We’ve done a few radio sessions and acoustic stuff, as well as supporting James at Albert Hall at the end of last year. We figured we’d just get it recorded. Kurt: When we’ve done radio sessions before, me […]

Sell out Manchester Apollo

The band announces it has sold out all 3500 seats of Manchester’s Apollo theatre. 15th Sept 2016 – we announced we’d sold out @O2RitzManc 15th Sept 2017 – we announced we’d sold out @Alberthallmcr 15th Sept 2018 – We’ve just sold out @O2ApolloManc ! We can’t explain how much this means to us, but I’m […]

For All Here To Observe

The band releases an acoustic EP containing songs from their first three albums: Block Out The Sun, I Saw A Ghost, Forever In Your Debt, Supernatural, On The TV, and Lunatic. The album was produced by Phil Bullyment.

Supernatural (acoustic version)

As promotion for For All Here To Observe, their upcoming acoustic EP, the band releases a video of them recording Supernatural. The Slow Readers Club – Supernatural (acoustic)Watch this video on YouTube

SOUNDS TV interview

The band appear on Sounds TV. SOUNDS TV Interview with The Slow Readers Club (Jan 2017)Watch this video on YouTube

On The TV (acoustic version)

The band releases an acoustic version of On The TV, from the acoustic EP, For All Here To Observe. The Slow Readers Club – On The TV (acoustic)Watch this video on YouTube

The Manc Meets interview

Aaron and James are interviewed by The Manc, for The Manc Meets interview series. On the Manchester scene: AS: It’s good. In the early days it was tough, because there’s a big shadow you have to operate under. But now, with bands like The Blossoms, Cabbage and ourselves, breaking through and doing decent sized shows, […]

The National Interview

Mark is interviewed by The National, a daily newspaper in Scotland. Our aim is to summarise all of the world’s news – past to present. We distribute our news through partners, such as social media fan pages and share advertising revenues with the page owners. People can sign up to be the next set of […]

Beautiful Days Festival

The band play the Beautiful Days Festival in Escot Park, Devon. Beautiful Days Festival – The Slow Readers Club VlogWatch this video on YouTube

McGregor, Nurmagomedov to fight Oct 6

White announces McGregor and Nurmagomedov will fight in UFC 229, in Las Vegas on October 6. I wouldn’t say this is a crossroads fight. This is a very important fight for both fighters. For Khabib, who is undefeated and who is looked at as one of the best fighters in the world, beating Conor is […]

McGregor congratulates Aldo

McGregor congratulates Aldo on his win over Jeremy Stevens. I’m so happy for him. To see the joy he had after [the win]… It’s a crazy business and I know he’s gone through a lot of stuff, so to see him come back with that great finish, I was very happy for him and his […]


McGregor channels his inner William Wallace as he enters an event in New York. Freedom! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma)

Nurmagomedov: ‘I want to change his face’

Nurmagomedov says he is ready to fight McGregor. I can’t belive we are going to  really want this guy. Make him humble. Tech him But not only smash, but change his face. Not only face, but also to change his mind too. Of course [it’s personal]…I am little happy he [got off] because if he […]

Radio X session and interview

The band records a three-tracks live session for Radio X [Link to Session], including Lunatic, Supernatural, You Opened Up My Heart, and I Saw A Ghost. In an interview, Aaron talks to Kennedy about the band’s progress. We’ve got a strong commitment to memorable melodies…We’re ‘all killer no filler’…I spent a lot of time when we […]

Nurmagomedov: Time to ‘finish our business’

Nurmagomedov issues a statement after McGregor’s plea deal, challenging the Irishman to fight in New York. Glad that he stayed out of jail, because I wouldn’t be able to punish him in that case. Now he needs to bring his Irish team to MSG in November and finish our business.

Attar: McGregor is ‘in shape, ready to go’

Attar gives a statement after McGregor leaves court, having pled guilty to disorderly conduct. Now that this is passed us, we can focus on things that have been on hold for some time. Conor’s been training. He’s in shape. He’s ready to go. Now it’s just about getting back to business and we hope to […]

McGregor pleads guilty, avoids jail

McGregor pleads guilty to disorderly conduct in a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time from his assault on a bus in April 2018. McGregor had faced charges of included menacing, assault resulting in injury, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. As part of his deal he is required to undergo anger management treatment. McGregor was also […]

Nurmagomedv manager: We want to beat McGregor’s ass

Abdelaziz, Nurmagomedov’s manager, says he has not yet heard from McGregor’s team. Conor’s boss has not called me, has not talked to me, has not asked me anything. Conor’s number one b**** for Dana White. He writes his paycheck…Dana White wants to make this fight, he understands it’s the biggest fight in UFC history. But […]

Supernatural (Radio Edit)

The band releases  a radio mix of Supernatural, from their album Build A Tower. The single is produced by Turvey, and receives its first radio play on Chris Hawkin’s BBC Radio 6 Music show.

Supernatural music video

The band release the music video for Supernatural, from their album Build a Tower. The video was directed by Croftwerk. The Slow Readers Club – Supernatural (Official Video)Watch this video on YouTube

Report: McGregor taking plea deal to avoid jail, deportation

TMZ reports McGregor will take a plea deal for his charges of one count of felony criminal mischief and three counts of misdemeanor assault. According to sources, prosecutors have agreed to reduce the felony to a misdemeanor, which would mean that McGRegor would be safe from deportation from the U.S.

Attorney: ‘No accuracy’ to McGregor plea deal rumours

A spokesperson for McGregor’s attorneys says a report by TMZ that the fighter has taken a plea deal is not accurate There is no accuracy to recent tabloid reports speculating about a potential plea for Conor McGregor. We do not, and will not comment on any discussions we may or may not be having with […]

Kavanagh hoping for year-end McGregor fight

Kavanagh says McGregor could fight two or three times in 2019. If he so wished, if he was driven to do it and said, ‘I’ve got the other side of things on lockdown, I’m confident with that’…Let’s do another three-year stretch of fighting three times a year,’ he could easily do that from a physical point […]

McGregor sends World Cup message to Pogba

While flying to Russia on a private jet, McGregor sends a message to Pogba ahead of the France-Croatia World Cup final. What’s up, Pogba? I just wanted to get on and say best of luck in the World Cup final tomorrow, my brother! Conor McGregor Wishes Paul Pogba Good Luck Ahead Of The World Cup […]

Attends World Cup final

McGregor posts a picture of himself watching France vs. Croatia in the World Cup final. Enjoying the World Cup final in Russia. A truly amazing spectacle! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma)

Putin, McGregor meet

After attending the World Cup, Putin and McGregor meet. Today I was invited to the World Cup final as a guest of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This man is one of the greatest leaders of our time and I was honored to attend such a landmark event alongside him. Today was an honor for me Mr. Putin. […]

Second pregnancy announcement

On McGregor’s 30th birthday, Devlin announces that she is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Happy 30th birthday babe! Thank you for being you! Love you to bits from me, Conor jr and the bump ❤ View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dee Devlin (@deedevlin1)

McGregor’s Cadillac Escalade impounded

A Cadillac Escalade owned by McGregor is towed away from a street in central Dublin. It is understood to have either failed to have been taxed and/or insured. McGregor was not arrested or detained after the incident, but was cautioned as the owner of the vehicle to have his documentation in order. Source: This isn’t the first […]

White: ‘We’re not talking about a McGregor fight right now’

At a post-UFC 226 press conference at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, White says any talk of McGregor’s return to The Octagon must wait until the fighter clears his legal issues. I’m not even thinking about Conor until – I’m serious. I know they’re saying there are talks, but we’re not talking about a fight […]

McGregor given sculpture for 30th birthday

McGregor is gifted a hyper-realistic sculpture of himself, valued at £50,000, by Lithuanian-born sculptor Aspencrow, who spent five months handcrafting the 100kg sculpture from photographs alone. The artist, who has not met McGregor in person, says he knows the fighter has accepted the gift through a mutual friend. The sculpture, entitled Atlas, will be unveiled at London’s […]

Nurmagomedov fight to go to Ferguson if McGregor misses deadline

According to MMA Team Dagestan, who first broke the news of the fight negotiations, McGregor is in danger of losing the Nurmagomedov bout to Ferguson. BREAKING; If the negotiations on the fight @TeamKhabib vs. @TheNotoriousMMA will not be achieved, then next week @UFC announces fight @TeamKhabib vs. @TonyFergusonXT. #UFC229 October 6.

Dyzuba hints at McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight

Zenit Saint Petersburg striker Dyzuba suggests the McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight is on. Dear Khabib, we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming fight with the Irishman Conor McGregor. This will be the most important fight in your career. This is a gift from our entire team. khabI know that you love football, so here’s […]

Manchester Evening News article

The band are profiled in Manchester Evening News. Aaron talks about playing Manchester’s Apollo on their upcoming tour: It’s a venue we’ve always wanted to play. There’s something special about the Apollo. There aren’t many places bigger in Manchester. Except the arena – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… On their rising profile: When […]