Michael Brown

Police: Brown assaulted officer

10 Aug, 2014

St. Louis county police chief,  Joe Belmar says that the incident started when Brown, who was unarmed, physically assaulted the police officer, pushing him into the officer’s vehicle. He said there was a struggle inside the car, and at some point Brown reached for the officer’s weapon. One shot was fired inside the vehicle.

Brown suffered fatal gunshot wounds outside of the vehicle, approximately 35 feet from the car. Belmar said multiple shell casings were found at the scene, and that Brown was shot more than once, but an exact number of shots fired has not yet been determined. All the shell casings came from the officer’s weapon. According to Brown’s mother, Brown was visiting his grandmother, and was returning form the store, when he was shot:

They told me how many times my son was shot. Eight.

Aug 11, 2014 Mike Brown Shooting Investigation Media Update (Web version)

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