Michael Brown

Witness testimony

16 Oct, 2014

A witness who saw the killing of Brown from start to finish adds more evidence and speaks to the grand jury.

Wilson’s police SUV stop near Brown and Johnson as they were walking in the middle of Canfield Drive. I heard Wilson say something to them, but not what. Wilson drove past them, then backed up. I had been on the right side of the police SUV and did not have a clear view of what happened on the opposite, driver’s side. There was a tussle going on I believes I saw Wilson’s hat fly off. I heard a shot and saw Brown run, followed by Wilson. Wilson aimed his handgun at Brown and yelled: Stop! Stop! Stop! Brown did stop, mumbled something he could not clearly hear and took a step toward Wilson. When he stepped foot on that street, the officer told him to stop again, and he fired three shots. When Brown got hit, he staggered like, Oh, and his body moved. Then he looked down. His hands were up like this (he gestures with arms out to the side and palms upward), and he was looking at the officer and was coming toward him trying to keep his feet and stand up. The officer took a few steps back and yelled, Stop, again, and Brown was trying to stay on his feet. He was 20 to 25 feet from officer, and after he started staggering,  (Wilson) let off four more rounds. As he was firing those last rounds, Brown was on his way down. We were thinking, Oh my God, oh my God, brother, stop, stop. He was already on his way down when he fired those last shots. Wilson didn’t have to kill Brown. It went from zero to 100 like that, in the blink of an eye. … What transpired to us, in my eyesight, was murder. Down outright murder.

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