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23 Oct, 2014

Lived at homeless shelter

Police collect Zehaf-Bibeau’s belongings from the Ottawa Mission shelter. He had stayed there for between one and two weeks, and befriended two other men and they had been trying to track down a vehicle. He often told them about Islam. A resident says he told people they should be praying five times a day:

Because the end of the world is coming

22 Oct, 2014

Gunman identified

The gunman killed by Vickers is identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau by various news agencies, quoting intelligence officials. Zehaf-Bibeau, who reportedly converted to Islam, has been brought to US agencies’ attentions, according to two American officials. One of the officials said that the man was from Quebec.

Police did not directly answer questions from reporters about the possibility that another shooter – or shooters – were still at large.

Canadian broadcaster CBC reported that Bibeau had a record of drug arrests going back 10 years.


Robbery charge

Following a robbery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Zehaf-Bibeau is charged with robbery and uttering threats. He is found guilty of the lesser charge of uttering threats and sentenced to one day in jail, with credit for 66 days already served, according to court documents.


Drug possession arrest

Zehaf-Bibeau is charged with drug possession. He pleads guilty and is sentenced to 60 days in jail. At the time he is living in Montreal, in the north-end neighbourhood of Villera.



Michael-Zehaf-Bibeau-yearbook A friend describes Zehaf-Bibeau in the yearbook from Ecole Secondaire Saint Maxime in Laval:

‘Mike is a sociable and intelligent guy. He loves to laugh, and his smile wins over the girls.

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