Micheal C Hall

Cold In July

23 Sep, 2014

In this crime thriller directed by Jim Mickle, Hall plays Dane. While investigating noises in his house he kills a burglar, but his heroism doesn’t last when the man’s father shows up in town hell bent on revenge. His life begins to unravel into the dark underworld of corruption and violence. Co-starring Sam Shepad, Vinessa Shaw, Wyatt Russel and Don Johnson.

This was a movie about a guy who decided to grow a moustache two weeks ago. And the moustache is not mature, and the haircut is not quite right, and the clothes are mismatched and unflattering. He’s a guy whose life has happened to him, and in a way [the drama] represents an opportunity for him to happen to life. At first, the film seems to be a psychological drama; by the end, it has turned into a much broader 80s-set stew of noir Americana.

Cold In July Official Trailer 1 (2014) - Sam Shepard, Michael C. Hall Thriller HD

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