Mike KryzyzewskiInterview

The Dan Patrick Show interview

30 Jul, 2010

Krzyzewski discusses the difference between coaching players and pro players:

It’s different because I think actually some of the kids you deal with now, most of them you’re trying to develop their egos because they’re young men. They’re trying to find themselves. A lot of them are trying to find themselves as players, as people, and that’s what you’re doing. That’s what happens a lot in college so that’s one of the really interesting things about coaching in college. In the pros, a lot of the egos are pretty much established although with the USA team now, I have a lot of young guys who I think are still developing that and still developing who they’re going to be. Kobe knows who he is going to be and is. Dwyane Wade and guys like that. Jason Kidd, when you’re dealing with guys like that they are established.

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