Mike KryzyzewskiSummer OlympicsInterview

WFNZ in Charlotte interview

22 Jun, 2011

Krzyzewski shares his thoughts on coaching the 2008 U.S. Basketball team:

First of all, I had an incredible advantage, two incredible advantages. One, working for Jerry Colangelo, who heads USA basketball, former owner of the Phoenix Suns and really one of the top men in our country. He basically put it out there to each of the players what was expected of them and I followed up with that. Second, we said they were playing for their country, not for the Lakers or Cleveland or Miami or the Knicks or Denver. They understood that this was something bigger than any one individual. … They were marvelous. All of them, to a man, said to me, ‘Coach, whatever you want me to do, I’ll do.

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