Mike TysonSammy Scaff

Tyson v Scaff: KO 1

1 Jan, 1970

Tyson wears what will become his trademark solid black shorts for the first time as he takes his KO record to 14 with a barrage of ferocious shots that force the referee to call a halt after 1:19.

I’ve only been fighting nine months and I’m only nineteen years old. Someone that’s only been fighting for nine months and nineteen years old and now they want me to fight for the title and they want me to fight a contender. That’s absurd in the boxing business. That’s just absurd. My job is to fight and my manager’s job is to manage. If my manager went in the ring to fight Sammy Scaff he wouldn’t look so well and wouldn’t do so well and I feel the same doing his job. I’ll fight anyone my manager chooses for me to fight, because if he feels confident I could beat them, I feel confident I could beat them also.

Mike Tyson vs Sammy Scaff ᴴᴰ - BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE

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