Mike TysonTony Tucker

Tyson v Tucker: W 12

1 Aug, 1987

In his 31st fight, in Las Vegas, Tyson becomes the first fighter to unify the heavyweight division as he wins a unanimous decision to add the IBF belt to the WBC and WBA belts that he already holds. In an unspectacular fight Tyson shows maturity and patience belying his years.

I was trying my best to punch inside, but I guess it wasn’t together today and he was very intimidated and it was very tough. He did a great deal of holding. He threw very fast punches.

Tyson admitted that Tucker rocked him in the first round.

Yes he did. He’s a very hard puncher. After it hit me, it was history. It went away. I was thinking that because he was very intimidated and he was freezing every once in awhile, I was thinking I would get him with a good right hand. As long as you make mistakes, you have no reason to be happy. I’m a perfectionist.

Mike Tyson VS Tony Tucker 1987-08-01

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