Mike Wallace

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24 Apr, 2014

Fox News Sunday interview


In a discussion on Fox News Sunday, Carson  Jackson and Wallace talk about the role of race as it applies to the death of Brown. Carson notes that the situation goes beyond the shooting, and that community will have to take on responsibilities for these types of issues. Carson:

I think the issues are really much bigger than what has been portrayed and it can’t be resolved in a short segment like this. But, I’ve seen police excesses living in inner-city Detroit and inner-city Boston. But I’ve seen a lot more situations where the police saved the situation. And I’m not sure that this is a ‘police versus black community’ issue. Anger issues get in the way. And if you take race out of the issue all together and you take a group of young men and you raise them with no respect for authority, not learning to take on personal responsibility, having easy access to drugs and alcohol, they’re very likely to end up as victims of violence and incarceration. Has nothing to do with race.

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