Minnie Driver

About A Boy season one

22 Feb, 2014

Driver plays Fiona, a single mom living in San Francisco, in this NBC comedy from creator Jason Katims and based on the novel by Nick Hornby. Fiona and her son Marcus move in next door to Will, a happily single and childless man living off the income from his one hit song. Will and Marcus become friends as Fiona juggles them both and her own life. On Fiona:

She’s broken, conflicted, fragile and funny.  There were extremes to her that are really interesting to explore.  She’s neurotic and she over-parents.  She’s already a funny person to me.  Her sincerity is funny.  Her earnestness is funny.  Anyone that couches their life in some form of fanaticism is funny to me.  She’s a fanatical vegan.  That’s funny.  That’s always hiding something else, or it’s always an excuse for something else.

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