Minnie Driver

Stage Fright

3 Apr, 2014

Driver plays Kylie Swanson, a Broadway diva, in this comic horror musical written and directed by Jerome Sable. Swanson is murdered backstage after a performance of The Haunting of the Opera by a masked assailant.  Ten years later, her children face the same assailant at theatre camp. Co-starring Meat Loaf. Sable on Driver:

She’s never been in a horror movie and I don’t think she’s ever seen a horror movie, but she was able to access it because of the wink factor. That just speaks to her openness and sophisticated approach to things. Then after doing it, she was so appalled at the gruesome nature of her scene that she couldn’t even watch it.

Stage Fright Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Minnie Driver Horror Musical HD

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