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Mortal Kombat X

17 Jun, 2014

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-Gets-Details-on-Story-and-EXO-Suit-MechanicsMortal Kombat X is announced with new characters, fighting styles, and arenas to fight in also a new story. The game will be released in 2015, and will be developed by NetherRealm Studios, which rebooted the franchise in 2011. Developer, Ed Boon:

I remember saying to myself [while making Mortal Kombat 2] ‘We’re never gonna sell six million units like we did the first one. I wouldn’t have guessed that, but then I find myself in the same situation we were in 20 years ago, which was ‘Oh [expletive], we’re following up this crazy success. So it’s like this new nervousness: How do you change things up? Because you don’t want to offer the same experience, just skinned with next-gen graphics. But then you don’t want to remove something that everybody loved and [make] the new one suck … It’s just been this odd thing I haven’t felt in many years.

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