New England PatriotsNew York Jets

Jets 25 – 27 Patriots

16 Oct, 2014

The Patriots secure a home victory in a game that was closer than many expected.  On the final play of the game a Jets field goal was blocked. This play is controversial because Patriots player Dont’a Hightower was initially lined up illegally, but one of the officials informed him of that, and he moved to avoid a penalty. The NFL defends the incident:

Because it’s a player safety rule we’re trying to avoid a situation before it happens, so the umpires will get in there and move that player out of there. More often you see it when a player is in a three-point stance and he’s down on the line of scrimmage, you’ll see the umpire tap the player to move him out of that, because we have to be outside the framework of the center.

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