Nia Long

Are We Done Yet

4 Apr, 2007

Long plays Suzanne the wife of Nick. Nick decides to sell his sports bar to start a magazine only to find out his wife is pregnant with twins. Everyone starts to gets panicky because their house is too small for two additional people. The family decides to buy a house outside the city only to find out it needs major work. Nick hires a contractor who bonds with his wife and kids but not with him. Co-starring Ice Cube, Aleisha Allen, and Phillip Bolden.

In the last film, you saw her, she was troubled. She was going through a divorce’ her ex-husband was playing games’ It was ’Where are my kids? Where are my kids? Where are my kids?’ In this one, you see her as sort of this resolved woman who’s like, ’Okay, I’m pregnant, I’m married, I’m not working, I’m a stay-at-home mom, and this is my new life.’ And so, with that, you see a lighter part of her personality. She’s much more optimistic about things. She wants everything to be great, but she’ll still tell you like it is. She’s not a fool.

Are We Done Yet? Trailer

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