Nia Long

Soul Food

21 Mar, 2007

Long plays Bird, a hairdresser that is desperately trying to keep her husband out of jail in the movie Soul Food. The family must come together after the matriarch of the family dies, and deal with infidelity, family arguments, and a house fire. Co-starring Vivica Foxx, Irma P. Hall, and Mekhi Phifer.

I think both of us are pretty sassy and headstrong women. Both to basically be in battle for who is going to take mama’s place and thinking she was the too-good sister. You know that exists in every family — that good family competition. You’re the educated one and I might have had kids too young, don’t be thinking you’re better than me. I’ve seen that. I basically pretended to be my older sister Shuggie, who is the glue that keeps my family together. So you know I kind of took a lot of her spirit and added it to my character. So I had a great time working with Vanessa. There was no tension. We just brought it.

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