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1 Aug, 2014

Murphy, Strahan call off engagement


Murphy and Strahan call off their engagement one day before Strahan is to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. Rep:

It’s all about 2,475 air miles — he lives in NYC and she’s in L.A. and it’s just too difficult.  It’s especially hard because they’re both real busy.

According to sources the couple had actually broken off their engagement several weeks ago, but there was no agreement to announce the separation before his induction.

30 Apr, 2014

Nicole Murphy interview


Williams interviews Nicole Murphy and asks questions about her ex-husband Eddie Murphy, family, and career.

I live right next door to him [Eddie Murphy] I could throw a rock right at his window to get his attention like hey Eddie! We have a good relationship we have to we have five kids together.

Are Nicole Murphy & Michael Strahan Eloping?

18 Apr, 2006

Brown, Murphy divorce

Brown and Murphy divorce after 12 years of marriage. The couple have five children together.

The welfare of our children is our main concern and their best interest is our first priority.

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