Nik WallendaInterview

Esquire interview

30 Oct, 2014

Wallenda talks about the possibility of freezing up during a walk, what wind conditions would make him postpone the upcoming Chicago skyscraper stunt, and supporting his children whether they want to walk tightropes or choose another profession. Safety factors:

We’re all taking calculated risks. I train for the worst cases, and if the conditions are worse than that, I simply won’t walk that wire that day. But I train to grab that wire and hold on for up to twenty minutes. And I have rescue crews who can get to me within ninety seconds anywhere I am on that wire, so it’s much more calculated and much safer than most could fathom. I preach about it all the time. My industry is completely contrary to me. Normally our job is to scare everybody and tell them how dangerous it is. But I’m a realist and I preach the truth, which is I believe what I do is extremely calculated and very safe.

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