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17 Nov, 2022

Fired SpaceX employees file charges

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Eight former SpaceX employees file unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging they were let go for being part of a group that had drafted and circulated a letter to SpaceX executives in June. The letter asked SpaceX executives for three things: to curb “Elon’s harmful Twitter behavior,” to define and enforce the company’s sexual harassment policies, and ensure that all leadership is held accountable for violating such policies.

SpaceX’s current systems and culture do not live up to its stated values, as many employees continue to experience unequal enforcement of our oft-repeated ‘No Asshole’ and ‘Zero Tolerance’ policies.

US labor law prohibits employers from firing workers who band together to advocate for better working conditions. At the time, Musk called the letter a “distraction and embarrassment” to the company.

29 Jul, 2014

NLRB: Franchises are joint employers


The National Labor Relations Board announces that McDonald’s, along with its franchise operators, can be considered an employer of people working at franchise owned restaurants. McDonalds:

This is such a radical departure that it should be a concern to business men and women across the country