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Founded in 1929, New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) is the premier organization for female communications professionals in New York.

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27 Oct, 2020

NYWICI Matrix Honoree portrait

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A selection of women from from NBC Nes, MSNBC and CNBC, including Julia Boorstin, Mika Brzezinski, Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager, Sheinelle Jones, Hoda Kotb, Andrea Mitchell, Natalie Morales, Stephanie Ruhle, and Savannah Sellers discuss Yaccarino’s carrer and why she earned the Matrix Award from NYWICI. Brezinksi:

It’s our honor to present the 2020 Matrix Award to Linda Yaccarino


How can you follow something like that?…Honestly, I’m in complete awe. Every day in studios just like this one. The strongest women in news, by a mile, bring millions and millions of people the information that they need. They’re heroes in representing women in communication. It’s the career opportunity of a lifetime to work in this role, where I get to champion the work they do every day. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Portrait of Linda Yaccarino, NYWICI 2020 Matrix Honoree

20 Oct, 2020

Future of Television fireside chat

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Yaccarino is interviewed about the future of television, by NYWICI (New York Women in Communications, Inc) Immediate Past President Judith Harrison. The discussion includes section on workplace culture; diversity equity and education; and ‘doing well by doing good’.

2020 NYWICI Fireside Chat: The Future of Television with NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino

15 Oct, 2020

Matrix Award winners’s advice

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Yaccarino is interviewed for a profile on NYWICI Matrix Award winners. She empahsises the importance of diversifying skills.

Creative, technical, and interpersonal skills are important in our industry. But too often, people—and especially women—are reduced to one thing. So my advice is to build a skillset as multifaceted as you are. You must constantly broaden your mind, and refuse to stay in your lane. Stay curious and remain a lifetime student. Because I cannot stress this enough—turn to others around you for help and inspiration. We should rely on a lot of people: the trailblazers, mentors, peers who can we can listen to, learn from and form our own opinions.