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Linda Yaccarino

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Linda Yaccarino is an Amercian businesswoman, who has been hired to take over as Twitter CEO, from Elon Musk. She previously worked at NBCUniversal as chairwoman for global advertising and partnerships, and at Turner Entertainment.

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14 May, 2023

Yaccarino praises Musk’s vision

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In her first tweet since the announcement by Musk of her hire as Twitter CEO, Yaccarino praises Musk:

I’ve long been inspired by your vision to create a brighter future. I’m excited to help bring this vision to Twitter and transform this business together!

12 May, 2023

Yaccarino hired as Twitter CEO

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Musk announces that Yaccarino, who was previously head of advertising and partnerships for NBCUniversal, will take over from him as Twitter CEO.

I am excited to welcome Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter! @LindaYacc will focus primarily on business operations, while I focus on product design & new technology. Looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app.

11 May, 2023

Musk: Twitter will not ‘shadow ban’ users

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Responding to concerns from some Twitter users, Musk says the company’s next CEO will not “shadow ban” users (or discretely limit the visibility of their posts).

That will not be the case

His response comes before publicly naming his replacement.

16 Feb, 2023

Appointed YMU Group chair

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Yaccarino is appointed Group Chair of YMU talent management agency. Yaccarino:

We all know great talent when we see it. Whether it’s on stage, on the field, in front of and behind the camera, on every platform—you name it—epic performances stick with us. And for decades, I’ve supported top talent by growing global brands alongside premium content. The Group represents some of the most exciting, elite level talent in the global culture space who are supported by an unparalleled, industry leading team of global experts. I’m looking forward to working with Mary and the exceptional YMU team to support their continued growth of individual’s brands on a global scale.

29 Sep, 2022

Calls for broadcast industry to build ‘Culture of Service’

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While hosting an event launching The98, an early-stage fund designed to provide resources for technology startups led by women, Yaccarino calls for the broadcast industry to build a culture of service. Yaccarino says service was ingrained in her early by her parents, who were both public servants.

As a mother and — I know this is very hard to believe — as a brand new grandmother, my job is to serve my family,“ she said. ”As an employee, my job is to serve the company and all of the people who depend on me. And as a leader, it’s easy to think that you’re now the person being served. But if you are lucky enough to be in a position of leadership, you’re actually in a better position to serve — your employees, your colleagues, your clients, your partners, your community…No matter who you are, or where you sit, it’s up to us to build this culture of service together.

On empathy:

I remember when empathy was considered a personality trait solely ascribed to female leaders — one that, I was told, more than once, ‘Linda, it’s going to hold you back. But now? It’s become one of the most sought-after traits for all leaders, because to really serve someone, you must understand what they are going through. And that takes work.

She says creating a culture of service requires the courage to act, even if it means personal and professional risk:

It takes courage to ask others to brave. Brave enough to extend your hand across the aisle, especially when everybody’s got their arms crossed. Because they can’t keep their arms crossed if they’re shaking your hand.

27 Apr, 2021

MSNBC interview: Women in charge

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Yaccarino is interviewed by Brzezinski, primarily about women’s role in business:

I think the tendency for women to [keep their heads down] stems generationally. If you were too aggressive as a woman, you [were seen as a too] ambitious woman, to the detriment of others. But for a man, you’re interpreted as a hard-charging executive and in the leadership club that deserves to be in the C-suite. So, I think women tend to play it safe because a lot of leadership qualities historically were looked upon negatively towards women.

17 Jan, 2021

Next In Marketing interview

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For the Next In Marketing podcast, Yaccarino discusses NBCUniversals’ ambitions for its video service Peacock, and why she’s convinced advertising will play a vital role in the streaming wars. She also breaks down how marketers have been responding to the Covid-driven economic slowdown and what she thinks that will mean for the future of the TV upfront model.

Next In Marketing #1: Linda Yaccarino, Chairman, Advertising & Client Partnerships, NBCUniversal


6 Jan, 2021

Named Ad Council BOD chair

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Yaccarino is named chair of the Ad Council’s Board of Directors. The role of rotates among representatives of four industry sectors: media companies, technology companies, ad agencies and advertisers, and was previosuly held by David Fischer, Chief Revenue Officer of Facebook, Yaccarino joined the Ad Council board in 2014 and became a member of the Executive Committee in 2015. She most recently was vice chair.

There are almost no words to express how proud I am to serve as Chair…The Ad Council shows us what’s possible when we combine the power of responsibility, creativity, credibility, and care for people. It’s an honor to join them in this new capacity.

27 Oct, 2020

NYWICI Matrix Honoree portrait

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A selection of women from from NBC Nes, MSNBC and CNBC, including Julia Boorstin, Mika Brzezinski, Savannah Guthrie, Jenna Bush Hager, Sheinelle Jones, Hoda Kotb, Andrea Mitchell, Natalie Morales, Stephanie Ruhle, and Savannah Sellers discuss Yaccarino’s carrer and why she earned the Matrix Award from NYWICI. Brezinksi:

It’s our honor to present the 2020 Matrix Award to Linda Yaccarino


How can you follow something like that?…Honestly, I’m in complete awe. Every day in studios just like this one. The strongest women in news, by a mile, bring millions and millions of people the information that they need. They’re heroes in representing women in communication. It’s the career opportunity of a lifetime to work in this role, where I get to champion the work they do every day. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Portrait of Linda Yaccarino, NYWICI 2020 Matrix Honoree

20 Oct, 2020

Future of Television fireside chat

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Yaccarino is interviewed about the future of television, by NYWICI (New York Women in Communications, Inc) Immediate Past President Judith Harrison. The discussion includes section on workplace culture; diversity equity and education; and ‘doing well by doing good’.

2020 NYWICI Fireside Chat: The Future of Television with NBCUniversal’s Linda Yaccarino

15 Oct, 2020

Matrix Award winners’s advice

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Yaccarino is interviewed for a profile on NYWICI Matrix Award winners. She empahsises the importance of diversifying skills.

Creative, technical, and interpersonal skills are important in our industry. But too often, people—and especially women—are reduced to one thing. So my advice is to build a skillset as multifaceted as you are. You must constantly broaden your mind, and refuse to stay in your lane. Stay curious and remain a lifetime student. Because I cannot stress this enough—turn to others around you for help and inspiration. We should rely on a lot of people: the trailblazers, mentors, peers who can we can listen to, learn from and form our own opinions.

12 Oct, 2020

Promoted to Chair Of Global Advertising & Partnerships

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NBCUniversal promotes Yaccarino to chair, Global Advertising and Partnerships, adding data strategy, local and regional sports network sales and cross-company strategic initiatives to her portfolio, along with global and national sales. In a divisional memo, Shell says:

While there is no doubt we are a content and technology company at our core, we need to keep accelerating our business plans to define entertainment and build the future of advertising. With the addition of these strong teams and new initiatives, we’re expanding our offerings for clients while diversifying our business and creating new company-wide opportunities. We’re making the right investments to bring that future into focus.

She will continue to report directly to Jeff Shell, CEO, NBCUniversal, who says:

Linda has done a fantastic job moving the advertising business forward, not just for NBCUniversal, but the industry at large.I’m excited for her to continue architecting the future of the ad-supported ecosystem and uniting all assets of this company to make us the best possible partner for our customers around the world.

11 Oct, 2020

#ShesMy campaign launch

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On International Day of the Girl, Yaccarino launches the #ShesMy campaign,

honoring the women of all ages who have supported, inspired, and championed us over the years. Because the amazing women in our lives are not one-dimensional, and deserve recognition for the many roles they play.

The campaign asks participants to share a picture of an ‘impactful woman in your life’ on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or LinkedIn, using the hashtag #ShesMy, with a description of their meaning to the sharer, and to nominate others to recognize special women in their lives.

29 Sep, 2020

Signal 2020 interview

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Yaccarino is interviewed by Battelle about her role at NBCUniversal, the launch of Peacocks.

We have a huge diversity of brands, therefore a huge diversity of knowledge and access. In two really specific areas: We have an incredible purview of how consumers want to interact with us, and therefore we’re able to talk with marketers [like Proctor] about how they want to, or should be, maximising doing business with us.

Signal 2020: John Battelle & Linda Yaccarino, Chair of Advertising & Partnerships, NBCUniversal

18 Sep, 2020

The Information interview

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Yaccarino is interviewd for The Information’s 2020 WTF Summit:

Every business has gone though such an incredible structural change that it’s very clear we need to change the way we do business. All of us. To transform our industries, as marketers, will help jump-start the economy. Marketing creates demand. Demand creates sales. Sales develops jobs. Therefore, it is almost a higher calling that marketers in every business come together to jump-start the economy.

NBCUniversal's Chairman, Advertising Linda Yaccarino with The Information's Jessica Toonkel

4 Feb, 2020

SBJ Power Player

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Yaccarino is named a Sports Business Journal Power Player:

Yaccarino makes the entire Olympic broadcast machine run. Behind Mike Tirico, the thousands of NBC Olympics producers and thousands of hours of sports action, sits the advertising revenue and Yaccarino’s team. For eight years, she’s led the sales effort, keeping the Olympics profitable for NBC despite the rapidly changing nature of consumption. Before the postponement, her team had booked a record $1.25 billion for the Tokyo Games.

19 Jan, 2019

Adexchangers Industry Preview

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Yaccarino discusses NBCU’s plans for the year ahead, including how the company is measuring viewers across media.

If we measured viewers on televsion in terms of Super Bowls, Jimmy Fallon has about 34 Super Bowls every single night. So we have to stop and come together as an industry and stop talking about digital vs. TV, or us vs. them, so we can transact on something that delivers your business solution that makes sense.

Industry NBCU: The Year To Come - Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal & Jennifer Breithaupt, Citi