Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde interview

7 Nov, 2014

Elle Magazine interviews Wilde about casting advice for female actors.

Casting is a puzzle. You’re putting together a puzzle to tell a story. I would encourage all actors out there who are trying to enter into the business to really focus on what makes you different and unique and invest in that. Because that is what makes you irreplaceable. If you try to look like everyone else, you are very replaceable so you know, the bizarre wackadoodles out there who would think someone like Amanda is overweight there’s always going to be crazies, but I definitely wouldn’t assume that. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume the business actually rewards people with talent in the end. The good material rises to the top so believe in yourself and your individuality and who you are and if you’re different. And if you don’t look like who you’re seeing on the cover of a magazine, that’s OK because you probably are the next definition of beauty. Don’t try to look like them because that’s already been done.

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