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6 Oct, 2009

Dirty Old Men


ot3Dickey’s book Dirty Old Men follows older men who have an attraction for younger women.

The stories are sexy, but if you’re looking strictly for sex on top of sex, you got the wrong book. Dirty actually takes readers into to the minds of older men and why they’re drawn to young women.

5 Jun, 2007

What They Want


otDickey’s novel What They Want follows Terrance Mitchell, a man who has no plans to ever settle down. Being single is far better than being tied down to him and he doesn’t want any kids running around. He was a well-traveled, good-looking model in an industry full of  beautiful women. Women adore him and are willing to go at any length to be with him. Then one of his beautiful women falls to hard to soon and shatters his perfect world. 

2 Jun, 2006

Boss Lady


ot2Tyree’s book Boss Lady follows Tracy Ellison, the star of  Flyy Girl and For the Love of Money. Ellison is a little bit older, smarter, and sassy. After a series of accomplishments in the world of acting, Tracy takes on Hollywood to film a project close to her heart.

2 Jun, 2004

Diary Of A Groupie


ot5Tyree follows Tabitha in the book Diary Of A GroupieWhen a wealthy banker offers Tabitha a huge paycheck to catch a celebrity who is known to have sex with underage women, Tabitha finds herself on the wrong side of the track. When the celebrity finds out that Tabitha is trying to bring him in, he threatens her family and friends until she gives him possession of her diary.

4 Aug, 2003



ot2Tyree’s book Leslie follows Leslie a New Orleans native who struggles with a dark secret. Her friends and family see her in many ways but no one really knows her strengths. When murders start to happen in New Orleans all signs point in Leslie’s direction. Slowly, this complicated young woman emerges. Her power was hidden until now and it might be too late to stop her.

2 Jul, 2002

Just Say No


ot4Tyree’s novel follows Darin Harmon and John Williams young men on the brink of achieving their dreams. For John, it music; for Darin, football. When Darin suffers an injury he becomes worried that his career is over. So he spends his time on the music scene to promote John loverboy image. But the celebrity lifestyle of easy money, fast women, and drugs quickly takes it toll, and the friends find themselves at a crossroads that will forever shape each of their futures.

7 Aug, 2001

For The Love Of Money


ot1Tyree’s book For The Love Of Money follows Tracy a hard-knocks Philly to glamorous Hollywood girl. She has now become a very successful movie star at the age of twenty-eight. As Tracy reconnects with friends, she seems like she is on the verge of a happily-ever-after existence. But as she begins to address the decisions of her youth, Tracy stirs up a string of difficult questions about past loves, family ties and her ambitions.

Flyy Girl


otTyree’s book Flyy Girl follows Tracy Ellison, a young knockout with big hair and a bigger attitude. She is living life as fast as she can. Attracted to material things, she and her friends love and leave guys who will do anything to get next to them. It’s only when the world of sex threatens heartbreak that Tracy begins to examine her life, her goals, and her sexuality.

I have never written an untruthful book, never. And I think for the most part, African American writers don’t write the untruth. We write what we want to write about from our societies. We may change the names and dates, the color of the dress, or whatever, but fiction for us is not creating something totally untrue, it’s about telling the story the way we want to tell it. It’s still true in a sense that it happened to somebody.

15 Aug, 2000

Sweet St. Louis


ot1Tyree’s Sweet St. Louis follows Anthony, a young mechanic. When Anthony tries to date a girl named Sharron Francis, he has no idea how its going to turn out. Sharron is just an ordinary girl in search of companionship and happiness and she thinks she has found that in Anthony. Her world is turned upside down when the mystery behind Anthony’s intentions unfolds.

13 Oct, 1999

Single Mom


ot4Tyree follows Denise in the book Single MomAfter more than ten years of successfully raising her sons alone, Denise finds herself entertaining three men at once. Two of the men happen to be the father or her sons. The other man, Brock, is a truck driver who falls in love with Denise but isn’t sure if he can handle a ready made family.

19 Oct, 1998

A Do Right Man


ot3Tyree’s novel follows Bobby Dallas, a radio talk-show host who doesn’t have any children or skeletons in the closet. All he is missing is a good woman by his side. After a difficult breakup with his first love, Bobby wanders for years if marriage and a family is in the cards for him. He learns that being a do right man isn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

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