Omar TyreeBook

Flyy Girl

7 Aug, 2001

otTyree’s book Flyy Girl follows Tracy Ellison, a young knockout with big hair and a bigger attitude. She is living life as fast as she can. Attracted to material things, she and her friends love and leave guys who will do anything to get next to them. It’s only when the world of sex threatens heartbreak that Tracy begins to examine her life, her goals, and her sexuality.

I have never written an untruthful book, never. And I think for the most part, African American writers don’t write the untruth. We write what we want to write about from our societies. We may change the names and dates, the color of the dress, or whatever, but fiction for us is not creating something totally untrue, it’s about telling the story the way we want to tell it. It’s still true in a sense that it happened to somebody.

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