Oscar Pistorius

Interview about returning to training

11 Apr, 2009

Pistorius says he has returned to training, and gives some details about the crash:

Training had been going well so I suggested to a mate that we take a boat out on the Vaal river and relax a bit. It is a narrow river and a lot of the jetties are old and don’t have flotation devices so when the water level is high, as it was that day, they are submerged. We weren’t going too quickly, probably no more than 30 kph (18mph) but we hit a pier that was under the water and I was thrown hard onto the steering wheel.

He talks about his injuries:

I lost a lot of blood and it was pretty scary. My nose sort of peeled open, my orbital socket disintegrated and my nasal cavity broke from my nose to the top of my jaw… I’ve still got a bit of pain in my face. I’ve got a piece of plastic under my eye and the doctors say the swelling in my nose will take anything from six to 12 months to go down. I’ve lost about six kilos in the last 12 weeks. That’s a lot of muscle, a lot of physical endurance that I’ll have to build up again. But in my mind there have never been any barriers for me in sport.

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