Oscar Pistorius

Paid monthly sum to family

14 Oct, 2014

The court hears that Pistorius has been paying monthly sums of 6,000 rand ($550) to Steenkamp’s parents as they had been reliant on her earnings before her death. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel:

Those monies will be paid back to the accused in full, every cent.

It also hears that Pistorius had sold his car – his last asset – for 375,000 rand and paid the money into the trust account of June Steenkamp’s lawyer. Nel:

She rejects that, she doesn’t want blood money.

The Steenkamps’ lawyer, Dup de Bruyn, says the payments began in March 2013:

When Reeva passed away, they [the Steenkamp family] were in financial straits. I conveyed this to Mr Pistorius’s lawyer. He came back with an offer of 6,000 a month for 18 months. When he started paying, we only thought it fair to make that public, but the request was from Oscar through his lawyers to keep it confidential. We honoured that request.

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