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9 Oct, 2016

Balochistan freedom protest


Balochistan protest marchA large gathering of Balochistan nationalists in the Provincial capital Quetta in Pakistan demands cessation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, which locals feel is a further exploitation by the two countries. Protesters burned Pakistan and Chinese flags, and protested alleged war atrocities and genocide. Protestor:

The protest demonstration was taken out by the FreeBalochistan Movement (FBM) to expose before the world the plunder of their natural resources by Pakistan and China in the name of CPEC and human rights violations byPakistan in Balochistan. Baloch people, women, students and youth, who gathered here, condemn the alliance partners of Pakistan, who are supporting it in the name of military and economy. In the name of development, Pakistani military and Pakistan’s alliance partners are plundering Balochistan’s resources and are trying to dismantle Balochistan’s identity. Everyday the people are being killed in Balochistan, we are also protesting against that.

20 Aug, 2016


Deported0 Comments

Barret is deported from Pakistan. He is brought to Lahore from Islamabad  and leaves the country on a PIA flight PK711,

13 Jan, 2016

Polio vaccination center attacked

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14 people die and 20 are wounded as terrorists attack a polio vaccination center in Pakistan. Two separate terrorist groups, both with Taliban links and one swearing allegiance to ISIL, have claimed responsibility for the attack. The attack is not an isolated occurrence. Many of the dead were security officers sent to guard the center. According to a wounded security officer:

Such attacks aiming to stop anti-polio campaigns have happened in the past as well, which have resulted in the deaths of many innocent people. We are trying our best to stop it.

21 Sep, 2015

Hanging delayed

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Basit’s execution is postponed after a magistrate says he cannot be hanged in compliance with the jail manual, which says that a prisoner must stand on the gallows. Rights groups have said that hanging a handicapped person would constitute cruel and degrading treatment. he remains on death row. Justice Project Pakistan:

[The] jail manual only provides for hanging as a method of execution, and lays down methods to calculate the right length of rope to ensure that hanging does not lead to protracted strangulation. The rules presume that the convict [can] walk up to the gallows, which is not possible in Basit’s case.