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9 Oct, 2016

Balochistan freedom protest


Balochistan protest marchA large gathering of Balochistan nationalists in the Provincial capital Quetta in Pakistan demands cessation of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project, which locals feel is a further exploitation by the two countries. Protesters burned Pakistan and Chinese flags, and protested alleged war atrocities and genocide. Protestor:

The protest demonstration was taken out by the FreeBalochistan Movement (FBM) to expose before the world the plunder of their natural resources by Pakistan and China in the name of CPEC and human rights violations byPakistan in Balochistan. Baloch people, women, students and youth, who gathered here, condemn the alliance partners of Pakistan, who are supporting it in the name of military and economy. In the name of development, Pakistani military and Pakistan’s alliance partners are plundering Balochistan’s resources and are trying to dismantle Balochistan’s identity. Everyday the people are being killed in Balochistan, we are also protesting against that.

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