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Patrick Carney

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Patrick Carney is a musician from Akron, Ohio known as one-half of the blues-rock duo The Black Keys (with Dan Auerbach). He is also the founder of a side-project called Drummer, featuring drummers from other Ohio-based groups. Carney founded the now-defunct Audio Eagle Records and has produced albums for other artists, including The Sheepdogs and Tennis.

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4 Aug, 2009

Carney, Grollmus divorce

Divorce0 Comments

Carney asks Grollmus for a divorce while she is in Poland for a book research trip. Carney tells Grollmus to take anything they received as a wedding present. The pair also divides up their record collection.

In the end, when it came to dividing our 500 records, we didn’t really fight. He told me to take what I wanted and leave the rest. I tried to be fair and remember exactly what I had brought into the relationship and what I had acquired, personally, during it. Bikini Kill’s Pussy Whipped and Nico’s Chelsea Girl were no-brainers, as were almost all of the bebop records that I had purchased during a “jazz” phase. He could keep the John Cale. And though I wanted to take Nick Drake’s Bryter Layter, it had belonged to his father originally.