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Paul Heyman

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Paul Heyman is a professional wrestling manager, commentator, promoter and writer best known for his time in WWE, ECW and WCW.

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3 Jan, 2017

Heyman: It would be ‘great’ if McGregor went to WWE

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Heyman — best known as the mouthpiece for former UFC champion and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar — says the idea of McGregor taking a run at professional wrestling at some point in the future.

It’d be great if he was. He’s a main line box office attraction. He’s a headline news grabber. I think it’d be great for WWE and I think it would be even better for Conor McGregor…[the wrestlers who responded to him on Twitter are] suckers. Hook line and sink…There are people mentioning him by name here using our platforms to promote him. He’s not mentioning anybody by name here. Why? Because he has a platform all of his own. That makes him a huge box office attraction, being promoted by other box office attractions that spend their equity talking about him. Kudos to him. He outsmarted everybody, except for me, except for Brock Lesnar.

1 Jul, 2016

Lesnar manager: McGregor can’t switch to WWE

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In an interview with ESPN, Lesnar’s manager, Hayman, says that McGregor cannot switch between UFC and WWE.

I would love for Conor McGregor to be a Paul Heyman guy…Conor McGregor could not walk between these two worlds or these two universes like Brock Lesnar. It’s just not a possibility. It’s what makes Brock Lesnar unique.

28 Aug, 2014

Steve Austin Show interview

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Heyman is a guest on The Steve Austin Show to discuss John Cena, Brock Lesnar and business philosophy.

If you can’t afford the tape recorder, if you can’t afford the microphone, if you don’t have the means to put it out on a platform then you don’t have the money for your podcast. If you don’t have financing, there’s no promotion.

27 Aug, 2014

WWWE.com interview

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Heyman speaks to WWE.com about Shane Douglas and transforming ECW in the 1990’s.

We were the only non-WWE, WCW, AWA promotion building its own stars. We were riding this wave of momentum. Admittedly, my sights were not set on anything regional. The name “Eastern” did not brand our product. I wanted a global branding for our unique form of sports-entertainment. The only way to describe the vision we were implementing was the word “Extreme.” I didn’t like “Hardcore,” because it was limiting. I didn’t like “Eastern,” because it was regional. “Extreme” is a global branding word. And I could keep the letters!

11 Aug, 2014

Ring Rust Radio

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Heyman appears on Ring Rust Radio to discuss his new DVD and TNA wrestling.

If you asked me two years ago if the WWE would’ve made a DVD of me, I wouldn’t say yes. I wouldn’t have envisioned this coming and I wasn’t particularly happy when I heard they were going to do it because I didn’t know what stories they were going to tell. I also knew that meant sitting down and reflecting upon my career and my life and I hate looking back. I’m obsessed with looking forward. I’m flattered by all of the positive reviews the DVD has gotten and I’m glad people like the take that was offered.

5 Aug, 2014

Comments on Lesnar UFC return

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Heyman sits down with The MMA Hour  to discuss Lesnar’s possible UFC return. Heyman declines rumors and claims Lesnar is currently happy with WWE.

I think he’s very, very happy right now with what we’re doing in WWE, It’s not a subject he has to think about. If the deal ends up over in WWE, if a change of circumstances happens, and if it’s a no-brainer to get him back into the cage, I’m sure it’s something he’d consider. Right now, it’s not a topic of conversation. Why would you mess up the WWE deal?

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman

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WWE releases Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman on DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The release features a two hour documentary chronicling Heyman’s career in professional wrestling.

Long before MY CLIENT, BRROOCKK LESNAARR, conquered the Undertaker’s Streak at WrestleMania, I earned a reputation as a person who directed Superstars to success. So this year, while continuing to guide Superstars to the bright lights of superstardom, I found time to give you a front row seat into the greatest mind sports entertainment has ever seen

WWE Ladies and Gentleman My Name is Paul Heyman DVD Preview

25 Jun, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview

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Heyman and Edge are guests on Talk is Jericho to discuss CM Punk, WWE and The Undertaker. Jericho releases statement.

Paul E. Heyman, Edge, and Chris Jericho met up in NY City and had a conversation for the ages! All three together, in-person… speaking in-depth about CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker & the end of the streak, Hell In A Cell and Studio 54!

Talk is Jericho interview

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Heyman sits down with Jericho to discuss CM Punk leaving WWE.

He was unhappy. He had enough. He couldn’t take it anymore. A year before he walked these was daily conversations of, ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to take this. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be here. I don’t know how much longer it’s going to be before I just decide to go home.’ I’m surprised it lasted that long.

6 Apr, 2014

Ends the streak

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Lesnar defeats The Undertaker in one on one match to end Undertaker’s 21 year undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30.

When Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker at WrestleMania, it will not trivialize nor negate or minimize the magnitude of the accomplishment that is 21 victories. Brock Lesnar will never amass 21 victories at WrestleMania. He’ll be too old. John Cena is never going to get to 21 in a row. They named the Battle Royal after Andre the Giant. He couldn’t get three in a row

14 Aug, 2013

XFinity interview

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Heyman talks to XFinity about Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Rob Van Dam.

I don’t mind getting into detail. I think TNA squandered the opportunity of exploiting the talents of Rob Van Dam. And I don’t think that’s a mistake the WWE is going to repeat.

1 Apr, 2013

Poughkeepsie Journal interview

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Heyman talks to Poughkeepsie Journal about Wrestlemania, and today’s WWE product.

I’d say the global scale of it all. And the push to new screens that are still developing. People will say, ‘oh man, how exciting would have been to be around in the 1950s when television was expanding’ or ‘oh man, it would have been great to be watching in the 1980s when pay-per-view and cable television truly exploded.

15 Dec, 2011

Returns to WWE


Lesnar returns to WWE on Monday Night RAW by entering the ring attacking Jericho  during his scheduled match with Heyman. LEsnar hits the “F-5” on Jericho before leaving the ring.

24 Jun, 2006

Called up to main roster


Punk is called up from developmental to join WWE’s main roster as part of the ECW brand. Heyman comments on bringing Punk to the brand:

They never wanted CM Punk to begin with. When I was in Louisville, doing WWE Developmental, they sent CM Punk down to me so I could fire him. Every week I would send memos to guys who were in charge of the Raw and SmackDown rosters saying: ‘You have a main eventer down here; someone scoop him up’ and no one would take him for a year—to the point when we launched ECW in WWE, I brought him with me because no one else on Raw and SmackDown even wanted him.

25 Aug, 2002

WWE Champion

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Lesnar defeats The Rock at Summerslam to win his first WWE championship. This makes Lesnar the youngest WWE champion ever at age 25. Lesnar’s manager, Paul Heyman:

The man is legitimately the only person in history to hold the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship and the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship. I could talk about him all day long; I am such an admirer of his talents and his greatness and I think the world of him as a human being.

11 Sep, 1965

Paul Heyman born in Scarsdale, NY

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Heyman is born in Scarsdale, New York. Heyman runs a mail order business through his teenage years and becomes a wrestling photographer as a young man, selling many photographs to WWE. He begins working closely with professional wrestling by age 14.