Perdita Weeks

As above/So below

29 Aug, 2014

In this drama directed by John Erick Dowdle, Weeks plays Marlowe a pretty girl next door whose only desire is to chase her father’s dream even if it means risking her life or limb to finally get the key to a tomb stone that her father thinks houses a magical crystal that holds the key to eternal life. It is of less concern that this particular adventure drives the father crazy and commits suicide. The film also stars Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge, Marion Lambert and Cosme Castro. About what drew her to the project:

When I first read it, I just thought, “God that is going to be an incredibly fun shoot.” I felt that I might have been able to mould a little bit of myself into the character, which I was able to do.

As Above, So Below | Official Trailer | Universal Pictures [HD]

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