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Peter Dinklage

Garden of Bones

22 Apr, 2012

Dinklage appears in the fourth episode of season two, Garden of Bones. Jack Gleeson plays King Joffrey Baratheon, who is Tyrion’s nephew. Sophie Turner plays Sansa Stark, the oldest daughter of the noble family that is the Lannisters’ main rival. Tyrion’s bodyguard, the mercenary Bronn, is played by Jerome Flynn. Joffrey publicly humiliates Sansa, who he is betrothed to marry, after Sansa’s older brother Robb defeats Lannister armies in battle, until Tyrion intervenes to save her. Tyrion and Bronn decide that Joffrey is sexually frustrated as he is still a virgin. In an attempt to act as masculine role models, they send two prostitutes to his bedchamber, however Joffrey threatens the women with a crossbow and sadistically tortures them.

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