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21 Sep, 2012

Pink interview


Seacrest interviews Pink during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about the release of her album The Truth About Love.

It’s just been awesome. It’s been super fun. I didn’t know what was going to happen when I went in the studio and I couldn’t have asked for a more positive, more loving atmosphere to release an album into. And I’ve had fun performing and being with my baby, and my man. It’s just been really good right now. I’ve never had a such warm reception. I was talking to Carey (Hart) about it the day before and he was like, “Baby, it’s awesome it only took you 12 years to get people to like you.” I’m like, “That’s true. And you know what, baby? It only took me 9 years to get you to like me.” So, it’s all worked out, I guess.

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