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15 Nov, 2014

Not an EDM record

Robinson says his nearly-completed album will not be ‘the next big EDM’ album. It keeps the ‘pretty vibe’ of releases like Language and his collaboration with Mat Zo, Easy, but adds influences by artists like M83, Sleigh Bells, Daft Punk and Kanye West:

I wanted a vintage sound. Something that was a little more lo-fi-inspired. It has a bunch of weird tempos that dance people aren’t really doing. There’s no DJ-friendly intro and outro. It’s meant to be listening music. It’s not a party record at all.

Sep 2014

Lionhearted – Arty remix

Robinson releases a remix of Lionhearted by Russian house producer Arty. The rework increases the tempo of the track and adds a harder bassline and bigger bass drop under the original vocals by Swedish indie band Urban Cone.

28 Sep, 2014


Robinson releases the third single from his album Worlds on Soundcloud and Youtube. Lionhearted features a progressive dance-pop bassline and vocals by the Swedish indie group Urban Cone.

Porter Robinson - Lionhearted ft. Urban Cone

22 Sep, 2014

Sad Machine on NBC

Robinson makes his television debut as NBC’s Last Call With Carson Daly airs a video of him performing Sad Machine live at the Fox theater in Pomona.

Sep 2014

Sad Machine – Amanamaguchi remix

Robinson releases the Amanamaguchi remix of Sad Machine on Soundcloud. The uptempo remake adds a punchy bassline under the original’s distorted vocals and analogue synth sections.

14 Aug, 2014


Robinson releases the single Flicker from the Worlds album on Soundcloud and Youtube. The track features analogue synths and a vocal in Japanese translating to ‘I am looking for what is really important.’

21 Jun, 2014

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Robinson plays a two-hour set on BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix ahead of his Worlds tour:

I spent two years writing Worlds and during that time I’d become really pessimistic about the future of electronic music. But once I finished the album I went and made an active effort to find new electronic music that touched me. I’ve fully changed my mind! I think the future is really, really bright. There’s a ton of great music today that just needs to be discovered.

The mix includes his singles Flicker and Sad Machine as well as tracks from Lorde, Mat Zo, Chrome Sparks, Flume, and Ludacris.

29 Apr, 2014

Announces Worlds tour

Robinson announces the Worlds tour where he will sing, trigger samples and play keyboards live alongside visuals he created:

I knew from two or three years ago that I wanted Worlds to be something that focuses on beautiful first and foremost … It’s the show I’ve dreamed of doing for years

porter robinson worlds tour (my first live tour ever.)

2 Mar, 2014

Sea Of Voices

Robinson announces the first single from his album Worlds, Sea Of Voices. The 64 beat-per-minute track marks a departure from his bass-dropping previous releases like Spitfire and 100% In The Bitch. He explains via Twitter:

Years ago, I realized that I wanted to write an album that focused on beauty above all else. The feeling of hugeness and gorgeousness and vastness and beauty is what I f-cking live for. It is my favorite thing in the world. I kept trying to write songs that both satisfied me artistically and also could ‘work’ in a DJ set … The f-cking watershed moment in writing ‘Worlds’ was when I realized that I didn’t have to write songs for DJs.

15 Nov, 2013

‘Can’t do normal DJ thing’

Robinson says that the move away from harder dance beats on his debut album, Worlds, means he will have to change his performance style:

Obviously I can’t continue doing the normal DJ thing, at least as my main thing. That doesn’t ever preclude me DJing again. Just knowing myself, I could see myself doing this live show and just being like, ‘Man, how fun was it back when I used to like, bang it out or whatever.’ It feels weird for me to say that now because I don’t feel that at all. I could see myself doing after-parties or maybe a side tour. A lot of bands have their DJ set. That’s something that I’m certainly going to be open to.

14 Nov, 2013

Signs with Astralwerks


Robinson signs with Astralwerks to release his debut LP via the label’s Capitol imprint in the U.S. and via Virgin EMI UK. He joins a roster that includes Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, and Deadmau5:

The thing that was most critical for us in deciding which home to have was that they get the vision. There are a lot of labels out there that want to have the next big EDM thing and that’s totally not what the album is about at all. It kind of lives more in the alternative space than in the dance world. I needed a team of people who had experience with both worlds.

4 Mar, 2013

Mixmag interview


Robinson is interviewed by Mixmag and discusses how Dance Dance Revolution got him interested in music production at the age of 13, touring with Skrillex and Tommy Lee, and why he still lives at home with his family. On EDM:

It’s questionable whether a lot of the electronic music coming out of America at the moment is rooted in the stuff that came out of Detroit and Chicago. It’s good to know the history but I’m not sure it matters that much to the average EDM fan. I turned down doing a remix for Katy Perry and all the headlines read, “Porter sticks to his dance roots” – but I’m not sure I have dance roots. The track just didn’t inspire me. Those kind of functional, club-focused EDM tracks that are created to make people jump in stadiums are as uninspiring to me as bad pop music

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