Porter RobinsonInterview

Mixmag interview

4 Mar, 2013

Robinson is interviewed by Mixmag and discusses how Dance Dance Revolution got him interested in music production at the age of 13, touring with Skrillex and Tommy Lee, and why he still lives at home with his family. On EDM:

It’s questionable whether a lot of the electronic music coming out of America at the moment is rooted in the stuff that came out of Detroit and Chicago. It’s good to know the history but I’m not sure it matters that much to the average EDM fan. I turned down doing a remix for Katy Perry and all the headlines read, “Porter sticks to his dance roots” – but I’m not sure I have dance roots. The track just didn’t inspire me. Those kind of functional, club-focused EDM tracks that are created to make people jump in stadiums are as uninspiring to me as bad pop music

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